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GPS Watch

GPS watches are designed for a range of kids, elderly and adult, from children safety
to old people care, outdoor activities and more. a GPS watch has the ability to
track your location and stats in real time when linked with your smartphone
app or computer web platform both for iOS and Android.

Real time position


Keep track on the GPS watch via computer web platform or mobile app both for iOS and Android.

ThinkRace GPS watch Providing information of watch position on map via GPS, LBS and Wi-Fi.


gps watch
gps tracking watch

Two way communication

Distance between you and your family or friends is only a watch
GPS watch watches can directly answer calling, no matter where, no worry chatting.




We can set up a safe area for the watch,
when the gps watch get in or out the setting area,
Alarms will be activated through the phone APP to notify you in time.


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gps watch

History playback

Checking the GPS watch at anytime
and dynamically playback device route on map.

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ThinkRace have own tracking web platform and mobile app both for iOS and Android

ThinkRace provide hardware, firmware, and software customized service.
ThinkRace also providing Open API for third party to build their own tracking application for different market
Click here to know how to use ThinkRace open API

The app is available in the Apple® App Store and Google Play store.

E-mail: mary.yu@thinkrace.com
Phone: +86 18028782952
Whatsapp: +86 18028782952
Skype: mary.yu_5