VT06 – Cheap Vehicle Tracker with Multi-Alarm Feature

During the 70s and early 80s, drivers used to get flustered whenever they encountered a problem with their vehicle. The cause behind this behaviour was not the vehicular issue but actually the so called ‘stupid’ engine light. It was just a red dot which flashed on the dashboard or speedometer console whenever something went off under the hood. The catch here is ‘something’ because there was no way to find out the exact cause behind it as the red engine light didn’t give one. It just meant that something is wrong and you need to get under the engine cover to find out the exact problem.

Nowadays, things have drastically changed. That red dot has morphed into a check engine light and the best part is, there are devices which are able to decipher the engine light and make you aware of the real cause behind the safety light. Yes, we are talking about vehicle trackers but specifically, we are pointing to a particular feature of vehicle tracking devices.

And that is the Multi-Alarm Feature. Today you don’t even need to look for a check engine light on your dashboard. If your car, bike or any kind of vehicle is fitted with a vehicle tracker then really there is no need to get flustered with encoded safety engine flashes. 

Most of the vehicle trackers available in the market are equipped with the Multi-Alarm Feature. Be it any kind of issue with any of the vehicle’s components, the vehicle tracker will let you quickly identify and rectify any malfunction. This feature consists of low battery alarm, power-off alarm, over speed alarm, fuel alarm, vibration alarm, Geo-Fence alarm etc. 

ThinkRace Vehicle Trackers are based on some of the most advanced technologies found in the domain of GPS Tracking. Our Trackers’ multi-alarm feature addresses a wide range of issues and problems associated with vehicular components.