4G LTE OBD Tracker with Wi-Fi


4G connectivity or LTE Support is the latest demand from customers who are on the lookout to buy a new smartphone. Smartphones which are not compatible with LTE network and are not VoLTE enabled are termed as outdated and a thing of past. 

The same can be said for OBD Vehicle Trackers which are relying on older technology.

Most of the OBD Trackers available in market depend upon the 2G or 3G network. Our smartphones are catching up to the latest technology and so should our OBD Trackers.

We have always said that innovation lies at the heart of our culture and so ThinkRace Technology brings you the VT400 OBD Tracker which supports the LTE Network and in addition uses the WiFi connectivity too for accurate Location Based Services. 

The VT400 Tracker is compatible with most kinds of vehicle such as a car, ambulance, truck, LMVs etc. It provides real-time on-board diagnostics which helps in identifying any kind of issue with any of the vehicle components. Rectify any kind of malfunction present under the hood of your car which is invisible to the naked eye. Get regular updates on engine performance and battery health. Reports on mileage and fuel efficiency for single & multiple trips are always a tap away. All these statistics can come handy for your fleet and even for yourself when switching to a smarter and economical drive.

The tracker doesn’t come up short when it comes to safety, it is equipped with a multi-alarm feature which alerts you when the battery is running low; designate safe areas from the unsafe ones with the help of its unique Geo-Fence. Get details about where your vehicle has been with reports on route history.

The 4G VT400 OBD is a one-stop solution for all your vehicular safety and security concerns.