Major delivery service providers use GPS Fleet Tracking Devices with their trucks and mini-vans when transporting courier or shipments over longer distances. But even these large providers need to employ scooters and bikes when it comes to delivering goods in narrow alleys and cooped up colonies. Food delivery services and e-commerce companies find scooters & bikes handier in such kind of situations.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a navigation system designed and developed by United States Air Force. It is a network of 24 space-bound satellites controlled and monitored by United States Department of Defence. These satellites transmit signals to the surface all year round. GPS devices such as cheap vehicle GPS trackers receive these signals and compute the same information to calculate the exact location of the user.

There are always unique methods to track and secure precious assets such as cars, bikes and now even satellites. Students from a renowned American State University recently launched hydrogen balloons as part of their University’s Junior Design Program.

Gone are the days of losing your essentials such as wallets, keys and other valuables, all thanks to GPS Tracking Technology. Tracking devices or chips can be embedded in almost anything you can imagine, and this technology is changing the way we interact with our surroundings. As the title goes, nowadays we can track just about anything with GPS.

Active GPS-Tracking devices will be installed in sonography machines in all the private, government and civic run hospitals. These devices will enable to authorities to ascertain when and which machine was used for determining the sex of a fetus. Once the tracker is installed, data collected through these will be transmitted or handed over to state health department systems where authorities can track any misuse of their ultrasound machines. The data is in the form of recorded images that an ultrasound machine generates while in operation.

Our OBD Trackers are backed by our own Mobile App and Web Platform Service. Customers can easily access vehicle location history and engine performance statistics via the mobile app or web platform. Indigenously developed applications are essential to integrate devices with an existing system. Such type of applications are mostly open-platform based which makes cross-platform interoperability possible.

HKTDC announced HongKong Electronic Fair to let the exhibitors showcase their services and products. Thinkrace is one of the exhibitors.

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