Most of the vehicles are stolen every hour around the world. It’s easy for thieves to steal a car and get it out of the country in less than an hour. Yes, vehicle can be taken out from the customs zone without registration around the world.

Today the technology of GPS for tracking cars and other vehicles has become an essential element. With the continuous development of the economy post 2008 worldwide crisis, Global car ownership at the end of 2015 stood at a figure of 1.3 billion and is expected to cross 1.8 billion by 2020. That means a jump of almost 40 percent in just five years. The current revenue level stands at USD 228 billion. The auto insurance industry is set to break through the figure of 1 Trillion USD by 2020. But there are a few hurdles in front of the industry.

These days’ GPS Pet Trackers are making the headlines everywhere. With the advancements in Smartwatch Technology, GPS Services; increasing popularity of independent wearable companies such as Fitbit and GOQII; smart wearables such as fitness bands and watches from tech giants like Google, Samsung and Apple; one wonders about what to look forward to in the future. What’s more to come in the future when every entrepreneur and investor is looking for the next great idea in the smart wearable department. With the advancements in IOT Technology and Cloud Computing, what more can be expected from the thriving USD 840 million pet wearable market? Well, it looks as if our pets might have an answer.

Rapid Shuttle Co. is a reputed shuttle service operating in the state of New York, USA. With a fleet size of 114, Rapid Shuttle caters to the needs of industries and businesses. The primary contracts the company bids for is to transport people or workforce. The company primarily operates as a transport service ferrying workforce over short routes or between nearby stations. Since its inception in 1995, the company has increased its fleet size from just a couple of buses to a staggering amount of 114 road going vehicles. “It has been quite a journey”, says David Rockefeller, CEO of Rapid Shuttle Co.

ThinkRace Technology is a world leader in manufacturing and designing GPS tracking products. With more than a decade of experience, our team of experts provides professional telematics solutions to industries and businesses situated throughout the globe. Our mission is to form strong relationships and to construct distribution networks by working hand-in-hand with our partners and dealers. We are always ready to forge new partnerships with international clients and companies. Get on board to start your journey of success. Contact us.

ThinkRace can help the client to make their own customised gps watch, we can provide PCBA design, firmware development, mobile app development. The gps watch has the following features: real time tracking, location history, SOS panic button, safety zone, family numbers...

Luggage locator PT33 is the best GPS tracking device for luggage that automatically monitors your luggage in real time, at any airport in the world, and then you can enjoy your trip.

ThinkRace Launch a new water proof pet tracker. This pet tracker is small enough that can use for dog and cat. It is waterproof so that you don't need to worry about that when the dog jump to the pool. The design is easy to wear by the dog and cat. It charge by the magnetic charger.

ThinkRace is building a smart gps watch to protect the people with early-stage Alzheimer. When the patient go out, they may lost their way, it will make the family worry about that. If they can wear a gps smart watch, the family can locate them and get them back home.