To introduce an innovative IOT/wearable device to a market eventually involves a sales/marketing team, or business development plan. But long before a new product development or production method is ready to launch, it requires well executed commercialization, or product development services – which is where ThinkRace comes in.
ThinkRace is trying to help you avoid the vulnerabilities associated with bringing a new product to market; vulnerabilities such as feasibility of the product, poor prototype development, lack of manufacturability and delays in time-to-market for your product implementation. Once you have affirmed the marketplace need for your new product development, and are confident that your product solves a real-world problem, ThinkRace can help you transform your innovation into a commercial product through our experienced-based product development services. These new product development services include product research and development, right through to prototype development and manufacturability.




Here are some steps we start to help our clients to start the prototype development services in IOT/Wearable products:

Sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

Before sharing your drawings, it will be in your best interest to get the NDA signed with ThinkRace. We are highly respect all the ideas, efforts and intellectual property made by our clients, We will not share any of those information and concept with third-party or someone else.

Prepare a clear drawing of your innovation

It is all right to scribble your innovation on a tissue paper or a rough piece of paper – product ideas can strike at any time! ThinkRace will work together with you to make a clear drawing from your rough sketch, include every detail, like how it will look, its dimensions, its surfaces, etc. Further, write down the list of features that your product will have.

Create a plan for how to develop a working prototype

Once you got the clear drawing prepare, it is time to start make a plan how to create a working prototype. PCBA development, case development and Consider the size, function and usefulness of your product. We will make an exhaustive list of all the things and tasks will need. This tasks list will be very helpful for you to understand the schedule and the cost of new prototype development.

Getting your product prototype manufactured

We will start to make your product prototype by the project plan, we will share the project plan with you with an online project management platform, so you can know every step it move and you will know what kind of further information you will need to provide during the project going. We will participate in the process of develop your product prototype

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