Introducing an innovative GPS tracking device to a market eventually involves some good devices, set up the server(hosting), tracking platform, mobile app. It is a lot of work for most of the companies, it requires well executed technical plan and well train engineer to manage the system.

ThinkRace is trying to help our clients/partner to simplify the process of doing the GPS tracking business. We are providing One stop shop services for GPS tracking business, that include cloud service cover all over the world, we already implemented cloud servers by using Amazon AWS world-class cloud service:

  • Hong Kong data center to cover Vietnam, China, Hong Kong
  • Singapore data center to cover south east asia
  • India data center to cover India, Pakistan and middle east
  • Germany data center to cover Europe and Africa
  • America data center to cover North America
  • Brazil data center to cover South America
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OEM/ODM Service
GPS Mobile App
Cloud Service