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GPS Beidou smart positioning mobile app-ThinkRace Technology
To customize various GPS Beidou intelligent positioning apps for customers, which can be used with children's positioning watches, elderly positioning watches, car positioners, pet positioners, student positioning cards, luggage positioners and other intelligent positioning devices. The customized app supports the languages of more than ten countries, can be used globally, meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers, and support customized app for foreign trade companies. The main functions

Real time location

Electronic fence

Motion monitoring

Heart rate monitoring

One button help

Video call

technical specifications

Support platform
Android and iOS
development language
API format
API encryption
Server deployment
Amazon AWS, Google, Azure
Publishing platform
Google Play, AppStore
development time
4-6 weeks
Support users
1 million +

Web background management system

Through the web management system can be more aspects of management personnel operation, and have a richer user interface, and provide web API for secondary development, web background management system provides convenient debugging tools, can be on the smart watch, positioner upload data debugging and diagnosis.

Multi language and multi time zone support

It supports more than ten national languages, and can add more languages according to the requirements of customers, which is more convenient for customers to carry out global sales. It can be customized for foreign trade companies and factory customers. It has been used for business in more than 80 countries in the world and is stable and reliable. The system adapts to all time zones.

High security design

Comply with EU gdpr architecture design, protect personal data privacy, use encrypted SSL transmission mode for data transmission, store data encrypted by security key, and manage user data according to EU GRPR requirements.

SDK and source level redevelopment

It provides rich SDK and API support, and can provide source code level secondary development for in-depth cooperation, and more importantly, in-depth customization.

Application case

Intelligent pension

Provide safety and health monitoring for the elderly or those in need of care, serve for home-based elderly care enterprises, positioning, heart rate, emergency assistance, etc

field staff

It can be applied to field personnel such as sanitation personnel, security personnel, engineering workers, real-time positioning, emergency rescue, health monitoring

Sports Health

It can be applied to large-scale games such as marathon and cross-country race, and it can carry out real-time positioning, emergency rescue and health monitoring

Children and school safety

It can apply safe campus project to provide children with safety guarantee, real-time positioning, emergency rescue and health monitoring

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