PT215 - GPS ID Card

GPS ID Card | Hajj GPS Tracker | Student & Luggage GPS Card
PT215 is a Ultra-thin GPS card tracker.It provide real-time tracking,SOS Panic Button and Geofence alarm.Its biggest feature is an extremely long standby time.It allows you not to worry about charging.

Real-time location

Long stand by

Remote Cut-Off

SOS Panic Button

Geofence alarm

Usable direction

In the Hajj days, the pilgrims come in large numbers from many countries of the world, millions of people, including the elderly, kids and women. therefore, as a contribution to IoT the ThinkRace company  produced a tracking card to care, protect and save people in the crowded places  from loss, and this card is used for a long time without the need for recharge and also light weight easy to use      ☞Learn more  

It's easy to lose your luggage when you're traveling or flying.And it's almost impossible to find.The ThinkRace company produced a tracking card to care, which keeps your bags safe and small, without taking up space, and monitors your baggage location in real time.    ☞Learn more  

This GPS card can be used exclusively for students.Students can fill in their basic information on the card and use it as an ID card.Parents and schools are absolutely right to choose this card.We can connect the card to the mobile app.Then, we can get the child's real-time location on the phone.If the child is in danger, the card has a one-button alarm function to ensure the safety of the child.    ☞Learn more  


Storage Temperature
Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
20 %~80%RH
Operating Current
Standby Current
Main chip
Class12 ,TCP /IP
GPS Sensitivity
TTFF (Opensky )
Cold start :<35s
Hot start :<3s        
AGPS (Opensky )
< 25s

Traxbean web platform

We are providing Traxbean web monitoring platform. with this web platform we can manage members, tracking the real-time location, location history, manage geo-fences. The traxbean platform also will get the notification when people press SOS button, the management team can locate that people and contact the owner to work together to help the people. We can help our client or partner to customize this web platform with their own brand or provide API for them to integrate to their own system.

Mobile App

The family and the management team also can use the mobile apps to monitor the safety and the health status of the kid, for example the location, the status of the smart watch, exercise report. they also can build the geofence to know if the kid entry or exit this geofence. When the kid press SOS button, the moible app can get notification by the push message. ThinkRace can help our clients or partners to make their own brand mobile app and publish to Apple appstore and Google play.

High Security Open API

ThinkRace provide an IoT Open API for our clients to easy access the data and the IoT devices. It is a cross-platform web open API with high security design, so that we don't need to worry about the privacy data will be in risk. Our mobile app also build on the top of this API, we can share the sample code for our clients for them to build their own design IoT mobile apps.

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