B25 tire pressure /OBD sensor locator

B25 tire pressure /OBD sensor locator-ThinkRace Technology
The OBD sensor positioner integrates GSM / GPRS module, high-precision GPS module and OBD diagnosis module, with built-in acceleration sensor. It is a vehicle security intelligent terminal with wireless communication and GPS positioning. At the same time, it supports the connection of wireless tire pressure sensor and real-time monitoring of tire pressure and temperature. The equipment is easy to install, plug and play, and can be installed by itself without professional personnel. With the spec

Driving behavior analysis

Power saving mode

Data analysis and monitoring

Tire pressure monitoring

Product specification

specification and dimension
working voltage
DC  10V~36V
working current
average 35mA(ACC ON)
standby current
2.5m(ACC OFF)
internal battery
50mA polymer lithium battery
locate mode
Beidou positioning /GPS positioning/base station positioning
positionaI accuracy
GPS positioning error Lower than 10m Base station location error depends on the current base station coverage information.
Wireless Frequency
operating temperature range
Storage Temperature Range
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