OBD2 GPS Car Tracker by Thinkrace Technology

OBD2 GPS Car Tracker

The very first and foremost and of course the most important feature of this fantastic OBD2 GPS Car Tracker by Thinkrace Technology is its capability to track a car in real-time. The real-time tracking of VT200 OBD2 Car Tracker is something to look out for if the efficiency of a vehicle tracker matters.

Another feature of this device is the History Playback feature, which allows the user to go through the entire route of wherever the vehicle traveled. The location history can be set by selecting a start and an end time and date.

Moving further to the next feature, the GEOFENCE area setting is yet another very interesting function which is to keep the user notified if their vehicle entered or exited a particular field. This field is known as GEOFENCE and could be established by the user.

Apart from this, the OBD2 Tracker provides the user with regular reports like fuel reports, reports, and will notify them whenever they take a sharp turn or increase your speed limit. Additionally, the tracker does a complete check up of your car when started to provide a pre-report of the working status of the fault code, power system, air intake system, idle speed control, cooling curing, and exhaust system.

And all of this can be done just with the help of an app called “ambercar” which can be installed in all the Android and IOS devices. The only condition is the Android device should be above version 4.0, and for IOS it should be above 7.

With so many safety and reporting functions, the OBD2 GPS Car Tracker VT200 is definitely one of the best car trackers in the recent times.