OBD Tracker

ThinkRace Technology is contributing its technical proficiency to the automobile world with its OBD trackers. The OBD trackers are advanced car diagnostic solution with an efficiency to make your car smarter. We provide OEM/ODM service, customize app & application development, technical support & excellent after sale service for our clients to meet up their business requirement. ThinkRace is right partner in complete OBD Tracking solution under one roof.

Our OBD Tracker is compatible with 95% of cars worldwide. OBD trackers can be used for the business purpose by fleet management, insurance, telecommunication, automobile & other technology related vertical to provide valuable service to the customers with total security & safety.

Smart OBD Tracker Device for Cars

ThinkRace Technology is a major manufacturer of this OBD 2 GPS Tracker. Our OBD (on-board diagnostics) or GPS tracking devices are used for automobiles that with an easy plug and play version. With ThinkRace, it is possible to transform any car into a smart-car and any driver into a smarter driver, without any assistance from an external physician. Our OBD trackers are capable of real-time tracking with an easy to install and use.


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OBD Tracker Product Range

We customize products as per the business requirement, if you are unable to find anything suitable for your need, feel free to contact us. We will discuss more detail about your requirements so that we can develop the new hardware or firmware for you.

OBD2 GPS Car Tracker VT200

OBD2 Car Tracker is the best GPS for car

OBD GPS Tracker VT200B

OBD2 GPS Tracker For Vehicle Tracking

4G OBD WiFi GPS Tracker VT400

4G OBD2 WiFi GPS Tracker For Vehicle Tracking

Simple Plug & Play Device for your CAR

The best part of our OBD tracker is the capability to interpret the complex information from any vehicle ECU (Engine Control Unit) into a format which is easy to understand. Users can check Engine fault codes, monitor real-time statistics vehicle speed, vehicle identification number and engine RPM.

We deliver convenient OBD trackers which are self-installing for cars. Every vehicle has an OBD II port, users need to plug-in the tracker in the port and the telematics data will be displayed in an easy way. The data will serve a handy method of monitoring vehicles and protection against any kind of misuse; it also enables the companies to ensure their vehicle is being maintained properly to help maximize return on investment value.

GPS Location

Our OBD GPS tracking device helps in locating real-time location of the car using global position system. It’s a SIM based device that is used to send data to the server via GSM network. The user can remotely monitor the location of the car on web application on mobile app. GPS location helps owners of large fleet or personal owners to track the location of a vehicle. GPS location helps in tracking your vehicle anywhere & anytime.

Mileage Analysis & Report

Our OBD tracker delivers an accuracy rate of 99.9 by storing the original data read from ECU (Engine Control Unit). The users will get a deep analytical report on the tracking mobile app AmberOBD and platform www.amber360.com with a user friendly dashboard that displays total mileage, high-speed mileage, over-speed mileage, middle-speed mileage, low-speed mileage along with the corresponding time and percentage for a better understanding of the user.

Fuel Consumption Monitor Analysis

We deliver OBD trackers with an analysis of fuel consumption report. The users can monitor total fuel consumption, over-speed fuel consumption, middle-speed fuel consumption, high-speed fuel consumption, low-speed fuel consumption and idle speed fuel consumption with a corresponding percentage of accuracy of 99.5. The fuel consumption analysis helps in the cost management to fleet management companies.

Driving Behavior Analysis

Our driving behavior analysis is based on over speed driving, hard acceleration, accurate detect, hard deceleration, sharp turn, urgent lanes change, hard refuel, hard breaking, fatigue driving and many other such factors. We utilize Big Data technology to store the data after every trip ends and store the data in the database for future reference for scenarios like Usage Base Insurance (UBI). The data is beneficial to analysis the driving behavior for teens or drivers that help in ensuring the safety checks for the car driver and passenger.

Vehicle Health Detect

Detection of a vehicle’s heath is a major function of our OBD GPS tracker. We deliver powerful OBD diagnostic tool to support faults like power charging system detect, emission system detects, engine system detect, cooling system detect, throttle system detect, an idle system detect, error code read and error code clean. We serve over 300 kinds of parts and systems detection, comprehensive and complete detection saving the vehicle maintenance money. OBD Tracker helps in pre diagnostic of car problems. This helps in maintaining your car life and performance.

OTA Upgrade Support

Upgrading Software and firmware of any vehicle requires expertise and at ThinkRace, we have the skilled team for that. We serve OTA upgrade support for our clients for data-driven improvement to minimize the vehicle maintenance. As we believe client interest is the OBD supplier responsibility, we help small OBD tracker dealers, insurance companies, fleet management companies, telecom companies & others businesses. We provide end-to-end OTA solutions, tools and preparations to deliver the updated files and the execution of the upgrading process as per the sequence.

Trip Report

Our OBD GPS tracking device is leading at generating reports for every trip, the report includes daily, weekly and monthly mileage, average fuel consumption, driving behavior report, total fuel consumption. Summary report is valuable data from the perspective of cost savings and economic efficiency. Our OBD tracker helps UBI business, fleet management companies & other business to manage cars on the basis of reports insight to maximize profit.

Power Saving & SIM Data Saving

Efficient and power saving & SIM data management. The trackers have the best quality battery along with the sleep mode of 8mA only and timely waking up in every 6 hours, the battery can last for over 15 days in parking. For the data savings, the upload time is not fixed between 2 to 30 seconds and it works in small data packages of 60-80 bytes, making the history route smooth while updating in every 30 seconds.

Multiple Alarms

An ideal OBD tracker consists of all kinds of alarms that a car owner will need. We have integrated alarms like long time idling alarm, remove out alarm, towing alarm, vibration alarm, engine failure alarm, bad driving behavior alarm, Charging circuit abnormal alarm and many more. We will customize the alarm as per the requirements so that users can keep an eye on their asset even from far away. Easy access of all kinds of alarms on you web platform and mobile app to for efficient management of car.

Software Support Service

ThinkRace is known for its immersive client support and service. With a team of 100+ engineers, we try to serve a 24/7 operation and maintenance service to our clients. The ThinkRace team is well-proficient in technological aspects, as a result, our clients don’t have to worry about any technical issues including database, API, server, web tracking platform, gateway, iOS and Android Apps. Just contact our team and we will resolve all your issues ASAP.

Our Clients of Obd products

ThinkRace have partners from all over the world. We provide OEM/ODM/JDM services to our clients/partners, we share the same vision with our partner to provide safety solution for the family. If you like to become one of them, please contact us.

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