What is Geo-Fencing? Entering & Exiting your zone

What is Geo-Fencing Entering & Exiting your zone

Geo-Fencing is the process of defining a set geographical boundary or a virtual perimeter in a real-world geographical area. This virtual perimeter is actually a pre-defined set of boundaries. The area inside the boundary is termed as a Geo-Fence Zone. This Geo-Fence Zone can be setup in School Assembly Areas and neighborhood boundaries.

When a device, object or person enters or leaves the Geo-Fence Zone, an alert is triggered or a notification is sent to authorities and security agencies depending on the nature of set trigger. The boundaries of a Geo-Fence Zone are defined by the administrators.

The geo-fencing feature is present in most of the GPS tracking devices especially personal GPS trackers and OBD Vehicle Trackers. The feature is beneficial in many cases, some of the examples of its application are:

  • Can notify parents if the child leaves a designated area.
  • Geo-Fence is critical to telematics in case of Fleet Management Companies and Transportation Businesses.
  • The feature is frequently used by HR Departments of major companies to monitor employees.
  • Vehicle Trackers equipped with Geo-Fence alerts drivers if the vehicle is stolen.
  • RFID Tags (Radio Frequency Identification) for school attendance system