Third Generation GPS Satellite Successfully Completes Launch Environment Simulation

Lockheed Martin’s second, fully-assembled third generation GPS Satellite or Space Vehicle completed a realistic simulation under Launch Environment Conditions. The satellite underwent acoustic testing where it was continuously blasted with deafening sounds reaching 140 decibels. Sound level above 85 decibels is fatal for human beings. The test was carried out in a specialized chamber equipped with high-powered horns and heavily insulated walls and ceiling. The objective behind the test is to emit sounds which are loud enough to literally shake loose things which are not properly attached.

With the completion of test, GPS III SV02 further validates the sophisticated and robust technology through which it has been built. The satellite worked flawlessly under tremendous forces. The satellite is a part of United States Air Force’s next generation of GPS Satellites with almost 3 times better accuracy and precision. In addition, the satellite’s anti-jamming abilities have been upgraded with an improvement of over 8 times over its predecessors.

The GPS III SV02 satellite is now being prepared for a further series of tests with the primary contender being the Thermal Vacuum Testing (TVAC) which is to commence during the coming fall. In this test, the satellite’s performance will be monitored under extreme environmental conditions of outer space. Zero Atmosphere conditions will be simulated inside the test environment to further validate its operation under on-orbit conditions.

The company’s unique satellite design includes a flexible, modular architecture to design and analyse new technologies for future satellite launches. This also allows insertion of new design parameters in the existing satellite plans. Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin is an American Global Aerospace and Defence Security provider. It is the world’s largest defence contractor based on revenue ($46.3 billion) of which the majority comes from military sales. The company is known for designing, developing, manufacturing and sustaining advanced technology systems, products and services.