Meet ThinkRace Technology at Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019

It is first time ever smart wearable to be used in Olympics, technology will help Olympics to be better.

ThinkRace Technology smart watches are used for Special Olympics for collecting health information, location information during the Olympics game for safety & security of the athletes. This will help in making sure that all athletes can be in the stadium on time. In case of emergency, they can press SOS for getting immediate help.

Big Data platform is used in backend big data platform for data analytics. It will do analytics for all the location and health data; it will give more intelligence for the Special Olympics Games.


ThinkRace is providing IoT smart wearable’s around the globe safety and fitness. The smart wearable devices are used for elderly care, sport tracking, workforce tracking, Hajj safety, police and law enforcement and many other industry.

We are ThinkRace Technology professional GPS tracker factory.