How to keep your car safe and secure with GPS, bluetooth and internet connections?

Scientists have created a smart protocol for the safety of smart cars which is equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System), Bluetooth and internet connections to protect cars from being hacked.

According to Shucheng Yu from University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) in the US “there could be some very critical results if someone hacked into the car. If the car is not protected then can it be fully controlled by the hacker”.

Yu and Zachary King from UALR developed a security protocol to safeguard smart cars from hacking.

They also tested this security protocol through simulations by building an experimental environment that simulates the communication system in a smart car.

The research emphasizes on the evolution of a security protocol to secure an internal communications system in vehicles known as the Controller Area Network (CAN).

According to king “Hackers can control CAN in many ways. It’s very easy for hackers to control your car in their own way after accessing it”.

Moreover, he said that “We are initiating to add a layer of security, so if an unauthorised person accesses it, they still would not be able to control your vehicle”.

Controller Area Network can be protected by this security protocol in two ways. The first one is by creating an authentication code to authenticate messages sent via the network.

As per the researchers, “this authentication code permits nodes on the network to distinguish between a valid message and an attacker’s message”.

The second security feature protects against replay attacks, when a hacker attempts to breach the network by repeatedly sending an old message.

However, the protocol uses a timestamp to calculate when the network last received the message to verify the freshness of messages.