For iOS users Google Maps brings an old Waze feature to customize navigation icon


Google Maps is out with a small, cute update that allows users to change the old blue arrow navigation icon on map to a 3-blocky, pixilated vehicle icon.

In the world of GPS – Waze (owned by Google) is actually not a new feature. Google has offered it for a while and we are not pretty sure that this cars icon is more useful than the simple, directional arrow which shows the clear picture of our way. But if you have been jealous of Waze users using the cool icons then this new update is surely for you.

This new icon is very easy to use – all you need to do is punch in direction on Maps and click on the blue arrow icon to get the new car options. You get the choice of a red car, green truck, or yellow minivan. For a time being this update is only available on iOS device, but soon they will be heading to Android device.

Source: The Verge