Go all out to fight against the second wave of epidemic


Go all out to fight against the second wave of epidemic


"The world has ushered in an ominous milestone: the number of confirmed cases has soared by 1 million in the past three days." Novel coronavirus pneumonia has second attacks on Europe and the United States, and other countries such as India and Brazil are still in an outbreak of unrest, New York Times reported in 12. Among them, France, Russia, Nepal and several states in the United States have reported record breaking new cases in a single day. The total number of infections in India exceeds 7 million, which is close to that of the United States.


At present, more and more governments are preparing for the second wave of epidemic with a more positive attitude and stricter measures. What is the UAE doing?

Recently, the Information Office of Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates has issued the latest quarantine regulations. All international tourists going to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, must be isolated for 14 days. During the isolation period, they should wear pt99 epidemic isolation Bracelet provided by Nanjing star technology. Nanjing star technologies deployed a complete set of epidemic monitoring software system for the emergency crisis and Disaster Management Committee of Abu Dhabi, UAE, and continuously provided pt99 epidemic isolation Bracelet in batches to help the country effectively control the new epidemic situation. We will continue to do our best to contribute to the fight against the epidemic.