Thinkrace intelligent site management system to help safety production


Thinkrace intelligent site management system to help safety production


With the rapid development of China's economy and the constant acceleration of urbanization, construction sites are shouldering the important task of creating safe living homes and land for enterprises for the people. Due to the nature of the construction industry, it is currently faced with many problems such as complex environment, chaotic personnel, lack of effective control, etc., and people have increasingly higher requirements for safe production.


NanjingThinkrace technology co., LTD. has developed the RFID security personnel positioning system construction site safety in production, in active RFID way, more accurate and effective, the precision can reach 2 m radius, through collecting distances and non-contact electronic label information, through the wireless network transmission to the system, the system can real-time transfer information related to site construction personnel, active RFID technology can be seamlessly switch and position site, both inside and outside.


The system has unique advantages in semi-closed or fully closed construction environment. It has been verified even in the application of personnel positioning in underground coal mines. Active RFID reader, through the acquisition of construction personnel transmission information, can be based on the reader signal coverage range to real-time positioning and tracking the coal mine underground personnel location, combined with the locator, camera system can also achieve accurate positioning, video monitoring.