Lost luggage? Here is a solution to avoid luggage lost during travel

luggage tracker

Losing your luggage at the airport or in the flight soon it will be a matter of past. Latest Technology innovations make it easier for the travellers. As per the latest industry figures, about four pieces of luggage are lost on the average Boeing 747 flight. It’s a big concern for the traveler and the airlines companies. All the travel companies need to come out with solution to deal this problem.

The latest smart luggage locator or luggage GPS tracking system technology is a boon to the travel industry and luggage industry to give their customer peace of mind. If you have not come across these terms then you should know about this. It’s a “thing” a mind-blowingly amazing thing. The future is here and people are buying it. Smart luggage is the latest buzz word for the tech aware traveller thirsting for the latest innovations. If you need your luggage tracker to have built-in tracking, Wi-Fi hot spots, Bluetooth, GPS, Remote locking, Automatic built-in weighing, SIM cards, GPS, USB chargers and built-in batteries ( and who doesn’t!) Smart Luggage is for you!

If you spend a lot of time at airports you’ll know the value of a mobile power and Wi-Fi source, right by your side. The cases and bags that incorporate this can also have automated tracking and other future-forward features. If you don’t want to buy a smart case, you can just go for a Luggage GPS tracking device AT15 from ThinkRace Technology to place in your existing luggage. If you wondered, as we did, luggage tracking systems are designed to shut down during flights and reanimate once the plane is safely at the terminal to stay security and in-flight regulation friendly. You’ll never lose a bag to an airline again with this tracking.

It’s a real time tracking device equipped with ultra-long stand by battery life and multi-mode positioning system. Its pocket-size makes it a handy tracking solution for backpack, suitcase, briefcase etc.

But the question here arises in your mind: how do these luggage trackers work?

The AT15 GPS luggage tracker provides an advanced tracking solution that transmit bag’s location using array of wireless communication resources.

The luggage locator comes with following features for tension free traveling:

  • GPS/LBS/AGPS/Wi-Fi multi-mode positioning
  • Real-time location management
  • Ultra-long standby
  • APN self-adaption configuration
  • Illegal removal alarm
  • Automatic remote upgrade
  • Automatic fault recovery

ThinkRace Technology as a professional GPS tracker factory helps travel industry and luggage industry a big time solution for its clients. We provide OEM/ODM solution and customize app and platform development to our valuable clients around the globe.