Looking for ODM/OEM Solution for GPS Tracking & Fitness Equipment’s Monitoring Devices?


You have almost certainly heard the term ODM/OEM tossed around the hardware business. The kind of hardware startups, which do not have adequate resources to harvest products all by their own, from designing to manufacturing, OEM and ODM Companies could be the best options for these kinds of beginners. But, the formation of two terms might be puzzling for those who would like to find appropriate manufacturers for producing their products.

What is OEM?

The word OEM is the acronym of Original Equipment Manufacturer, with which you are the provider of ideas and specs. OEM only referred to the manufacturer supplying materials to other Companies to integrate into their products or rebrand as their own. During the procedure of OEMs, what makers should pay attention to is that you require permitting the manufacturers to see your product spec, which might be fairly confidential!


What is ODM?

ODM is the acronym of Original Design Manufacturer, which is able to turn your notions into concrete items if you do not have adequate resources in crafting designs. In general, ODM Companies are in alleging of R&D, product concepts, testing, and manufacturing.


OEM/ODM services have become a huge business for Companies with the capabilities to create norm solutions. Why? To put in simple words, businesses which are making use of these services, get benefit by leveraging the manufacturing competencies of the hardware provider without the need to unease themselves with product assembly and logistics. In result, they get a custom appliance, built to their spec that enhances their brand.

Process and Flow

In some cases, where a project needs a fully customized appliance, Companies often offer a complete suite of OEM/ODM services comprising of:

  • Custom Packaging
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Industrial Design
  • Beyond the Initial Purchase
  • OS Development
  • Branding & Labeling


ThinkRace Technology- Giving life to your ideas

While some Companies deal with designed-to-order services that can take months or even years to deliver a product to market, here at ThinkRace Technology we provide a range of OEM/ODM/JDM services designed to deliver a cost-effective and production-efficient solution to patrons engrossed in building our systems part of their own branded lineup.

Our services that include system specification design, software design, manufacturing, validation and after sale services to entirely meet customers’ anticipation and the wants of diverse applications. Our team attaches great significance to research and development, spending heavily on manpower and resources in order to constantly provide clients with pioneering and sky-scraping quality products. With more than 12 years of accruing expertise and experience, we have built novel core technologies and services by serving world’s top unique 500 Companies.

Furthermore, having well-trained R&D, experienced operational engineers, in-house manufacturing and after-sales service staff, our ODM/OEM/JDM services can wrap the entire spectrum of the product lifecycle from perception to design and manufacturing. We are always able to retort to widespread the market conditions and exploit the cutting-edge technology to design products that are in line with the market requirement, whether they are standard or ODM/JDM/OEM personalized products.