How to maximize Fleet Efficiency with OBD Car Trackers?


Nowadays, OBD vehicle tracking devices are not just used for tracking vehicles or assets, rather novel ways are being devised to utilize them for fleet management systems and services. There are 1.2 billion passenger vehicle (including cars, LMVs and HMVs) in the world and only one-fifth of them are connected and communicating with each other. Rest of them are still disjoined from the rest of autonomous system of a connected fleet.

An autonomous transport management system not just optimizes routing and trajectory of fleet units, but also allows shippers and cargo transporters to tender out to carriers in their route guide. This allows business fleet owners to ensure that exact metered amount is paid to the carriers. Further, carriers can be easily tracked from multiple locations to ensure that vehicles are plying on the correct route.

But how to construct and maximize fleet efficiency? The answer lies with GPS Telematics and OBDII GPS Tracking Devices. It involves using data or information collected from a vehicle which is installed with a telematics hardware and analyzing this information to provide real-time vehicular diagnostics information such as engine power, fuel expenditure, mileage data, route and location history etc. This data is further processed to compile reports on vehicle and engine performance.

Fleet efficiency can be easily maximized by utilizing this data to calculate delivery time, fuel level, battery health, vehicle speed, mileage, fuel consumption etc. Information can also be sent to recipients or customers.

With IOT i.e. Internet of Things, commerce capability and potential of these systems are rapidly expanding. Some of the recent ingenious ways in which these systems are being utilized thanks to IOT include enabling drivers to reserve parking spots based on calendar dates and other categories; recommending maintenance services by gauging vehicle health and mileage; suggesting cheap insurances to safe drivers and this is just the start. The true potential of GPS Telematics systems bundled with IOT are still unprecedented.