How to achieve On-the-Go Protection for your Car using OBDII GPS Tracking Device

OBD Car Tracking Device

The VT200 OBDII GPS Tracking Device provides on the go protection for your car from anywhere, anytime. The product is a combination of new age design and GPS tracking technology. Gone are the days when GPS trackers came with their own set of problems pertaining to installation hassles, transmission problems, signal reception, positioning errors etc.

Nowadays, most of the OBD Car Tracking Devices easily fit inside the OBD Port of cars, making installation a hassle-free job. They can be characterized as simple plug & play devices which rely on wireless-based technologies (GPRS, LBS, GPS etc.). To receive vehicular data, you just need to sync or connect the installed OBD tracker to any compatible mobile application or web tracking platform.

The VT200 OBD Car Tracking Device from ThinkRace Technology provides all kinds of vehicle tracking data, performance metrics, and diagnostics data. The tracker comes with a standard 16 – pin connector and can be easily fitted to the OBD Port present under the dashboard. Some of the stand-out features of this OBD Car Tracker are:

  • 24×7 Real-Time Tracking Feature
  • Route and Location History
  • Live Trajectory Algorithm
  • Single/Multiple Trip Analysis
  • Real-Time Vehicle Detection
  • Multi-Alarm System (displacement alarm, vibration alarm, etc.)

In addition, you can demarcate unsafe areas with the help of Geo-Fence feature. Get instant alerts on mobile when the vehicle leaves a safe zone or enters a restricted one. The Multi-Alarm feature protects your car from vehicle thefts and burglaries.

ThinkRace Technology is a GPS device manufacturer focused on providing professional GPS tracking & wireless safety equipment to industries and businesses. We are based in Shenzhen, with branch offices in HK, India & Canada. We are providing comprehensive OEM/ODM services for GPS tracker and our in-house R&D team offers both hardware and software services. Our company has set up research departments including app, web, back-end and hardware department. All our products are developed independently and we have obtained a number of national patents. Our production and manufacturing teams provide a good foundation for high-quality products.