How the IoT technology is Transforming Elderly Care Experience?

always, we can stay with our parents to take a good care of them, especially when they get older and start forgetting things. When a person enters the senior threshold, they become more susceptible to memory-related problems like Alzheimer’ or Dementia disease. Those who tend to suffer from this condition becomes more disoriented and confused, even when it comes to their familiar places. They find themselves in a new environment which pushes them to more panicked state. Thus, it is extremely important to monitor their track.

IoT technology gives a simple solution to this dilemma: Elderly monitoring GPS watch phone designed for communication and safety in mind. It is the best way to keep track of your elderly loved ones. Plus it comes with two-way calling feature that keeps you connected.

GPS tracker is Efficient For Keeping Track of elderly loved ones

Remote monitoring is ideal for elderly people, but especially for those who suffering from memory-loss problem. Knowing the exact whereabouts and where they have been doesn’t only gives you peace of mine but it even grants them freedom and independence.

And, what makes live tracking possible is GPS technology and IoT connectivity. According to a survey nearly 6.5 million people age 65 suffer from Alzheimer. And, every minute some of them either end up being lost or struggle with emergency help.

But, with GPS tracking watch for adults track their location and give them independence. Inbuilt GPS technology let you know their live location every second.

Elderly Tracking System and Two-Way Communication

Carrying a cell phone is not always possible with people suffering from Alzheimer. To resolve this challenge the GPS watch for elderly has inbuilt Mic and speaker for two-way calling. In just one simple press making and receiving calls is made.

Security combined with Technology

Senior GPS watch and communication tool should have security features to safeguard elderly people. SOS emergency button, voice monitoring and geo-fencing makes it a complete safety device. By marking a safe area, one can get an alert message if your elderly parent exits your safe area. It is not only an ideal watch for Alzheimer patients but even for your parents going for Hajj. This Hajj elderly GPS watch has SOS button that let your elderly parents contact you in emergency situation.

Health Assessment and complete data analysis

Elderly GPS SOS watch is also a workout watch that monitors heartbeat, distance traveled, steps taken; calorie burned as well as monitors sleep. This fitness watch maintains a log to keep track on the health of seniors. The elderly locator watches design to support health in everyday living by measuring their daily activity. One can use this watch for sport game and can view the complete workout reports like distance covered, time taken, step count and calorie burned on weekly and monthly basis.

ThinkRace Technology – Helping to build safe place for elderly people

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Wrap up

From connecting families to monitoring live location, IoT-enabled devices are transforming our daily lives. In coming future from travelling to tracking everything will be IoT based. Connect with us to get your very own elderly tracking device for your business.