How soft SIM will change the IoT device’s landscape?

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Soft SIM is a built-in SIM which is going to replace the traditional SIM card and will allow users to connect to their network of choice by selecting the operator they wish to use. There is no SIM at all in the soft SIM enabled devices, the information is held in the memory as a part of other computing software. Users will no longer need to wait for the porting for their next service provider after replacing physical SIM card. Switching networks is going to be instant and automatic, done within the device with only a few finger tap.

The benefits associated with this evolution of SIM technology:

Latest technology – Today’s tech-savvy world is considering soft SIM to be the new beginning in terms of technology. Soft SIM is making GPS devices smoother to use anywhere. This will end up competing in the market in whole new and much more dynamic way.

Quick and seamless – Connecting IoT devices to soft SIM makes them more convenient to use, Soft SIMs will play a central role in how quickly and seamlessly tracking devices connect. The challenge for IoT device manufacturers is that the standard method of connecting IoT SIMs by hand into devices is time-consuming. A soft SIM-enabled device provides connectivity into devices without a physical chip.

Borderless mobility- It has always been a hassle when you lose network every time you cross-border, with soft SIM you can simply select the network operators given. You will not lose the track of your belonging when you are using soft SIM enabled luggage tracker or track of your car while using GPS OBD car tracker.

The compact size of the device- Soft SIM takes up no physical space within the GPS device, it saves space within the device, this will make the overall size of the IoT device more compact.

Hypothetical case study:

Imagine a fleet of cars, where each car have an auto tracker device in it which enables the business owners to know the condition of the fleet in terms of mileage, navigation, and other diagnostics of the car. Being able to re-program SIM at once inside all the tracking devices, soft SIM simplifies their management. With each vehicle equipped with OBD GPS car tracker collecting huge amounts of telemetry data. The challenge for the company is how to harness the full power of all this data for maximum efficiencies. Soft SIMs can be beneficial in this scenario by automatically switching networks.

When it comes to IoT devices, ThinkRace Technology offers a full solution that works everywhere. It is always difficult to know where the device and SIM might end up when you are using it to track your car, luggage etc. This problem makes the soft SIM a perfect solution. You could just select the soft SIM to a different network over the air, Like this, you will end up saving a lot of time and headache. This highlights the recent evolution of the SIM and identified potential future development paths. As with the SIM itself, business models will gradually evolve to adapt new approaches.