How OBD Car GPS Tracker driven fleet tracking solutions help in fuel cutback?

obd car gps tracker for fleet management

One of the most important aspects of running a fleet business is improving efficiency wherever possible, especially with fuel. As fuel prices continue to rise, business owners seek cost effective ways to manage this unavoidable expense. OBD tracker technology can be the most effective way to manage the unnecessary fuel expense. GPS tracking system have solutions built to maximize fleet efficiency and reduce fuel costs.

Minimize idle time- Many fleet businesses are not aware of the amount of fuel that is used while a vehicle is idle. Reducing engine idle time increases the life of the vehicle. Integrating a GPS car tracker will help in monitoring idle time that ultimately help in reducing the unnecessary fuel burning! With GPS tracking system fleet owners can monitor their fleets and get reports about the driver turning the engine on or off and when the vehicle is moving.

Mileage tracking- GPS fleet management system ensures fleet operators to effectively monitor mileage and in return they can monitor fuel consumption. Mileage trackers can be extremely beneficial and open the door to many fuel cost savings. Knowing precisely how many miles your vehicles are travelling will help provide information on the fuel mileage.

Speed monitoring- Excessive speed burns extra fuel, adding risk and expense to the overall fleet operations. Installing GPS tracking devices will encourages drivers to be more responsible about their actions and practice safer driving habits. Driver’s improved behavior will save fuel, reduce unsafe driving and enhance company’s reputation.

Vehicle maintenance- Properly maintained engines operate more efficiently than neglected engines. GPS fleet tracking system provides vehicle summary reports and maintenance logs to ensure each vehicle in the fleet is operating efficiently. Fleet maintenance reporting can send alerts for scheduled maintenance based on mileage, driven time or duration.

Route optimization- Optimizing the route helps in navigation the shortest routes, the routes with less traffic, reduce idling and other delays. GPS fleet tracking systems track mileage in real time also provide traffic data which can be used to improve the fuel efficiency of your fleet by providing alternative routes with the shortest distance to avoid traffic.

ThinkRace Technology’s GPS fleet tracking services do more than just pin pointing on the map. With an experience of 11+ years in the market, our fully integrated GPS fleet management solution will provide benefits that quickly help you to reduce fuel costs and improve your business performance. We offer comprehensive ODM/OEM/JDM services under which we will assist you to build your own brand of GPS tracking solution.