How kids GPS tracker can help schools and educational institutes ensure kids safety?

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Every parent’s major concern these days is their children’s safety. Being socialize at a young age and as they grow, they need a certain level of freedom to develop and enjoy independence. It’s easier for some Parents, who are there to look after them but constantly keeping eyes on the kids may not be always possible, especially for those working parents who are not always available for them to look after their activities. For the safety, parents teach them some basic safety rules for the children to follow and this helps sometimes but kids always follow rules we all know that is not going to happen.

The well-being of family members is a primary concern for all of us. Parents worry about their children’s or elderly parents’ whereabouts and well-being all the times.

Child safety is a major concern these days, technology comes to rescue. Whatever the situation, whether your child is at home or school or at the amusement park, GPS tracker technology gives relief to both parents and children. GPS trackers are the most reliable safety devices. This growing urgency of personal and family safety is what ThinkRace Technology is trying to address with a wide range of Family Safety products for kids, pets, elders, personal trackers, and other data-enabled services.

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GPS trackers have a few more advantages over the rest:

1. GPS Enabled school buses

As being parents school buses are the first point of anxiety. After boarding the bus to the arrival of the bus at school, whatever happens can be monitored by the Right from boarding the bus to the safe arrival at school and whatever happens on the bus driver behaviors’, speed of the bus can be monitored very closely through a GPS-enabled bus and a GPS device with the child. GPS device allows you to be in touch with your children through their calling feature. It enables you to listen to whatever is happening around your child. If the bus has deviated from their regular route, it will send an instant alert to the central system. GPS devices send you a timely alert when they get off the bus, reach school.

2. Safety Zones

Ensure the safety of your child with GPS smartwatches. These GPS watches come with Geo-fence technology where you can set a virtual boundary for them, every time it sends you alerts in case of children leave the safe zone and started to wander in a zone which is not safe for them. These GPS trackers give you calm as it empowers you with regular location updates.

3. Emergency Call

We all know most of the schools do not allow children to keep a phone, GPS trackers can help you stay in touch. GPS trackers come with an emergency call button. In case your kids are in any trouble, all they need to do is press the button to connect to you.

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4. Alerts about reaching home

In cities, people lead a very busy life and the schools may not be nearby. For working parent’s it’s a bit difficult to be present when their kids return home. The GPS trackers send you alerts when they left school premises or when they are dropped off to home.