Hajj 2017: Thinkrace Introduces Hajj Safety GPS Watch

Hajj Safety GPS Watch

We at Thinkrace, are dedicated to providing the Pilgrims & Travellers with products and services that will keep them SAFE & SECURE during Hajj. As Hajj 2017 is approaching, our Product Hajj GPS Watch helps pilgrims all over the world to have a safe and secure Hajj experience.

With Features like Real-time tracking, SOS Emergency Call, Setting up a GEOFENCE area, alarm function and more safety features, HAJJ GPS Watch PT80 is a complete package of all the safety you need while going to Hajj.

This feature allows you to track a person wearing the Hajj GPS Watch in Real-Time. As millions of people gather together during Hajj, This feature guarantees family safety.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can reach your family just with a single touch of a button on the watch you are wearing? Well, Hajj GPS Watch PT80 makes it easier for you.

If you want to set up a Geofence area, you will be notified if the person wearing the watch entered or exited the area. Or in case the device is dropped somewhere, you will be notified.

Visit safehajj.com for more info.