Guiding road safety tips to your teens

teen car driving road safety

It’s tough to be a parent. Guiding your children whether it’s your son or daughter can be a bittersweet milestone. For many teenagers learning how to drive is an important right. Having driving license tucked away in their wallet opens the gate of freedom and independence. Yes, it’s a prime moment to see your teen growing into a complete man or woman. Yet this pride moment can be swapped with sadness when it comes to driving lesson.

According to a survey, almost every year number of road accidents is taken place and the real victims, as well as the culprit, are teenagers. Road safety awareness is very important. This is the most challenging position in every parent’s life. But as a parent, you can play an active and important role in your teenager’s driving lessons.

Below we have gathered 5 road safety tips that you must teach your teens.

1. Always Wear Safety Belt: It’s not hard to believe that teens are the lower rate of seatbelt users than any other age group people. Make a habit of wearing safety belt even for a short ride.

2. Put your phone away: Six in ten road accidents happen due to phone involvement. Mobile phones are the most common source of distraction. Either turn your phone off or avoid putting it on your sight. In case of any emergency pull off the road and take the call.

3. Don’t Drink & Drive: Teenage is a very crucial age, everything seems to be glittery. But having a blind eye on driver’s seat is not a good option. A small amount of alcohol in your blood can affect your driving ability and can risk of a road accident. Say no to alcohol. Drinking and driving cannot go together.

4. Turn on your Headlights: It is the obvious thing to do; using headlight not only increases your vehicle’s visibility but even present a clear view of the road. You cannot control other drivers but by turning on the headlight you can avoid a collision.

5. Speed Limit: Never forget roads are not a race track. As a parent or guardian, it’s your job to tell them the importance of speed limit. Over speeding, overtaking is the new trend. Remind you’re a teen that keeping up with traffic and following speed limit not only reduce the risk of an accident but even helps the drivers avoid costly traffic fines.

You can even self-monitor your teen’s speed using vehicle tracker device. One such gadget is Vehicle Tracker VT07 – that alarms when your vehicle goes over-speeding. This alarm will notify when your vehicle crosses the speed limit.

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By guiding your teen the five listed points will not only make the roads safer for the teen but also for others.

Future is beautiful let’s not kill with over-speeding.