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Community correction watch is a Beidou GPS positioning watch that can be enforced and can not be taken off after wearing. It can be used for community correction personnel, drug rehabilitation personnel, patients with confirmed or suspected infectious diseases and other monitoring objects. The strap is made of high-strength Pu and metal layer, which is not easy to be damaged. If it is cut by tools, an alarm will be given immediately. The built-in Beidou / GPS positioning chip can accurately loca

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Beidou real time positioning monitoring

社区矫正腕表,GPS定位手表,社区矫正平台, 北斗GPS定位手表,社区矫正腕表OEM,传染病人监控,疫情监控

IP67 waterproof design

社区矫正腕表,GPS定位手表,社区矫正平台, 北斗GPS定位手表,社区矫正腕表OEM,传染病人监控,疫情监控

Heart rate detection

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SOS button reporting position

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motion detection

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Anti shear, removal alarm

Product specifications

GSM frequency
850/900/1800/1900 MHZ
Positioning mode
Anti shear and anti demolition
Strap reusable
heart rate
blood pressure
SOS button
Electronic fence
Step recorder
Sedentary reminder
Alarm reminder
Vibration alert
Work alone
- 20 to 60 degrees
Standby current
Standby time
2-3 days
Body size
1.44 (240*240)
124 g
Waterproof level

High level community correction wristwatch

This is a small and delicate community correction wristwatch. Compared with many bulky wristwatches, pt98 is very delicate. At the same time, it also introduces a number of advanced explosion-proof designs. The wristband resists the high-strength tensile test. The main body of the watch has undergone the hammering explosion-proof test. The overall water-proof design, hand washing, rain and bathing are all in the same place. For such a small and delicate community correction The wristwatch can protect people's self-esteem, and it also plays a practical monitoring role.

Anti disassembly design of buckle

As shown in the figure on the left, the design of the whole table body and strap is very solid and durable, explosion-proof and tensile design, which fully conforms to and exceeds the design specifications of community correction table. The button fixed in the watch band is made of plastic of this strength and locked with special customized screws. It can't be opened without specially designed tools. Even if professional tools are used, the alarm will be removed when opening, and the monitoring center can receive the alarm information immediately, so that community correction personnel can't escape.

The design of anti explosion and anti dismantling of watch band

Please see the design structure diagram on the right side. First, the strap and the main body are designed in an integrated way, and the connector which makes the watch more difficult to remove is used at the connection. The metal plate is embedded in the watch to make the strap have stronger tensile and shear properties. The wrist strap adopts the medical grade Pu used by the sports watch, which makes the wearer more comfortable without any allergic reaction. The wrist strap can be adjusted according to the size of each person's wrist.

社区矫正腕表,GPS定位手表,社区矫正平台, 北斗GPS定位手表,社区矫正腕表OEM,传染病人监控,疫情监控,尚锐科技
社区矫正腕表,GPS定位手表,社区矫正平台, 北斗GPS定位手表,社区矫正腕表OEM,传染病人监控,疫情监控

Beidou precise positioning

Pt98 integrates Beidou and GPS dual-mode positioning to make positioning more accurate. There are different positioning modes for wristwatches. The tracking mode enables the device to send positions to the server more frequently. Through the app, the device can be tracked. In the power saving mode, the wristwatch can enter the sleep state when it doesn't move much, making the wristwatch more power-saving. Through the electronic fence, we can accurately know the time when the monitoring object enters and exits a certain area, and give an alarm at the monitoring platform.

SOS button and position report

In some community correction systems, the community correction personnel will be required to regularly report the location, i.e. clock in. The watch has a special button, which can report their location after a long press of this button for a few seconds, so as to prevent false alarm. When the community correction personnel clock in, the background monitoring center will receive their clock in information. If it is necessary to change this function to SOS, it will also Yes, so the alarm can be sent out in the monitoring background, and the requirements of SOS emergency alarm can be handled in time

社区矫正腕表,GPS定位手表,社区矫正平台, 北斗GPS定位手表,社区矫正腕表OEM,传染病人监控,疫情监控
社区矫正腕表,GPS定位手表,社区矫正平台, 北斗GPS定位手表,社区矫正腕表OEM,传染病人监控,疫情监控,尚锐科技

Heart rate detection

PT98  It integrates the function of heart rate detection and is also an option. Through random heart rate detection, you can not only understand the health status and physiological characteristics of community correction personnel, but also understand their status through some data analysis. If the heart rate is too fast for a period of time, whether there is a risk of escaping or re offending, which are all needed by community correction managers Data.

IP67 waterproof design

Because community correction wristwatches need to be worn by community correction personnel for a long time and cannot be removed, including the possibility that they may get drenched when they go out, wash their hands at home, take a bath and so on. Pt98 is a high-level waterproof product. It can swim with a wristwatch. There is no problem in bathing. It will not damage the wristwatch due to contact with water.

社区矫正腕表,GPS定位手表,社区矫正平台, 北斗GPS定位手表,社区矫正腕表OEM,传染病人监控,疫情监控

Accessories and packaging

The highlights of pt98 are explosion-proof, demolition proof, precise positioning, water-proof and many other functions required by community correction. In addition, we also have an external charger. Through this external charger, community correction personnel can charge the wrist watch while wearing it, so as to hinder the use of wrist watch. Even if community correction personnel are outdoors, they can charge the wrist watch through this charger, Greatly facilitate the travel of community correction personnel.

社区矫正腕表,GPS定位手表,社区矫正平台, 北斗GPS定位手表,社区矫正腕表OEM,传染病人监控,疫情监控

Community correction positioning platform

In addition to wristwatches, we also provide a community correction positioning platform. Through the community correction management platform of web, managers can manage equipment, personnel, positioning, alarm, etc., and can also set various management specifications, such as management files, punch cards, processing SOS alarm and other functions. At the same time, the management platform is a group management platform, which can manage different organizations, and different organizations can have their own administrators.

社区矫正腕表,GPS定位手表,社区矫正平台, 北斗GPS定位手表,社区矫正腕表OEM,尚锐科技
社区矫正腕表,GPS定位手表,社区矫正平台, 北斗GPS定位手表,社区矫正腕表OEM

Open interface

We can also open the data interface according to the needs of customers, so that we can more easily integrate the data of the community correction platform into other systems, generate an API key through the background, generate a token after encryption, and then use the token as the identity card to call the data of the platform, so as to improve the security.

Security design of the platform

The community correction platform is used to monitor the location, status and file information of community correction personnel, which involves the privacy of these community correction personnel. Therefore, it is particularly important to strengthen the security bank. We start to encrypt the data from the device end, and the platform uses SSL to encrypt the transmission channel, web The API uses SSL / TLS channel encryption, and the background database will lose some key data for encryption. We protect users through various means. In Europe, we can also cooperate with others to deploy some platforms and follow the most stringent data and privacy protection policies in Europe, such as gdpr.

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IOT product customization

We are a leading manufacturer of Internet of things products and intelligent wearable products in the industry. We can customize different Internet of things and intelligent wearable products for different customers. From PCBA design to product appearance design, to product firmware development and platform and app development, we have experienced engineers to follow up and ensure the quality of each step 。
社区矫正腕表,GPS定位手表,社区矫正平台, 北斗GPS定位手表,社区矫正腕表OEM,尚锐科技


Our goal is to provide customers with more reliable Internet of things solutions. Our manufacturing process strictly follows the process of scientific product development, trial production and mass production. We will carefully analyze the possible defects in the design process, find out the causes, and conduct enough reliability experiments to ensure the quality of products.

社区矫正腕表,GPS定位手表,社区矫正平台, 北斗GPS定位手表,社区矫正腕表OEM
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