GPS Watch For Kids: The Ultimate Solution for Your Kid’s Safety

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Does the news of daily abductions of kids scare you? Are you afraid to let your kids out alone? Well, you cannot deprive your kids of the freedom of enjoying childhood, playing out. But you cannot be with them every time. So what can you do?

The best way is to leverage the advancements of technology and start utilizing the benefits of GPS watch for kids. GPS trackers are playing a vital role in safety and security of the kids. You can always track the whereabouts of your children.

There are plenty of devices introduced for GPS tracking for children few are wearable while others are mini devices which you can attach to their backpacks or put it in their jackets or pockets. Among all these GPS tracking devices GPS watch for kids is the most reliable. Wondering why?

Because your kid cannot take the backpack with him always and there are chances of falling the device from the pockets or losing the jacket somewhere. While a GPS watch will be always on the hand of your kid.

A GPS watch for kids will not only track your kids but will also serve you benefits like:

  • Provide you a peace of mind

The school transportation of your kid is late? You can track your kid from anywhere at anytime.

  • Allows your kids to play freely

You sont have to be with your kid everywhere, let them enjoy their time and you can check time to time.

  • Great to monitor kids with special needs

Special child needs special attention, with a live tracking watch you don’t have to worry about your child at his school or out for any activity.

  • Monitor kids with behavioural problems

Does your kid is short tempered? Or does your kid gets easily distracted at crowded places? This happens with almost every parent. With a GPS tracker watch, you don’t have to worry about losing your kid at a mall or market.

Looking for a reliable GPS watch for kid’s manufacturer? You are at the right place.

ThinkRace is the right partner for manufacturing GPS watch for kids with 11+ years of experience and 80+ R&D and operational engineer’s team. ThinkRace is a Leading GPS Tracker, IoT Solution & Fitness Monitoring Equipment’s Company which provides Comprehensive OEM/ODM/JDM service.

Product features of our GPS watch for kids:

  • Customized mobile app with the watch
  • Separable wristband with several colors host & watchband
  • Quick charge and long standby time high-quality rechargeable polymer battery
  • Secure, Fast and reliable Bluetooth products
  • Compatible with Android and iOS operating system

The Best Functions Of Our GPS Tracking For Children

One-Touch SOS:

Your kids don’t have to remember different contact numbers; they can simply alert you n case of emergency by a one-touch button.

Intelligent Alerts:

Set a Geofence safety zone and the app will receive an instant alert if the kids go out of the safety zone.

Video Chat & Voice Chat:

You can video chat with your children anytime anywhere from the watch.

Health Monitor:

You will get detailed on-demand report, sleep monitoring, steps counter, and calorie counter in the mobile app attached to the watch.

Why ThinkRace is a leading manufacturer of GPS tracking for children?

ThinkRace has a proven track record of providing one-stop solution for GPS tracking devices along with customize mobile App & Application that displays the live data of the watch. We have served more than 500+ world’s top Companies with our best Technical Support and After Sales Service.
ThinkRace technology is here for all your assistance and services. Get in touch with us today.