GPS Watch for Elder PT68

Model No: PT68

Make the elderly feel more secure and allow them to be more independent with the GPS watch for elderly. Tracking devices for seniors using GPS are assistive technologies that can help elderly with different features like, Heart rate monitoring, two way communication, SOS emergency in which elderly can press the SOS button in case of emergency, geo-fence to monitor the moments of the elderly with dementia, Health Monitor Pedometer, Sedentary reminder to remind movement if elderly remain in a stationary position for long. GPS tracking devices for the elderly are increasingly popular with caregivers.

GPS Watch for Elder PT68


  • Heart rate monitoring
    Heart rate monitoring feature
  • Two Way Communication
    Dial & answer the calls and voice message
  • 3 Mode Positioning
    GPS + LBS + Wifi positioning
  • GEO Fence
    Geo fence alarm for entry & exit area
  • SOS Emergency Call
    One touch SOS button in case of emergency
GPS Watch for Elder people
  • Health Monitor
    Pedometer, time, calorie, distance display on the APP.
  • Sleep Monitoring
    Quality of sleep
  • Screen Control
    Lift wrist bright screen
  • Sedentary reminder 
    Reminder movement if stationary position for long



1.22 inch touch screen


MT2503A / 260MHz

GSM Band

GSM 900/1800

Heart Rate Sensor

PixArt PAH8002


420mAh Lithium polymer battery

Standby Time

3 days



SIM Card

Micro SIM Card







PT68 Color Page

PT68 Manual

Elderly care with SOS button and Geo-fencing

Tracking device for elderly, equipped with an SOS panic button which helps if the wearer is lost or in an emergency situation, they can hold down the SOS button. This automatically texts the programmed numbers with the location of the wearer, as well as calls the programmed numbers in turn until someone answers. Its built-in GPS not only shares the wearer’s location but allows caregivers and family members to track the whereabouts of the elderly.

Use geo-fences to get an alert when a tracker enters or leaves a specified area. Wandering is a common behavior in people with cognitive impairment can cause them to become disoriented and lost. GPS device for dementia and elderly care, that use GPS technology can be assistive and help to promote safe walking by alerting caregivers in nursing homes, old age homes and geriatric care centres.

ThinkRace Technology is a leader in elderly watch manufacturing, wholesaling and supplying of best GPS tracker for elderly. With an aim improve the quality life of elderly and their families. Elderly GPS locator device provides greater independence while providing peace of mind to family members and caregivers along with extra level of security. PT68 elderly watch design is a re-imagined phone and location tracking technology for the elderly. Build your own elderly GPS smart watches brand with our ODM/OEM/JDM services and utilize complete app &application customization service.

Daily activity monitor for elderly

GPS watch tracker for senior citizen gives mobility and the freedom to the elderly to walk outdoors, it is important for maintaining the quality of life for the seniors. Sedentary reminder helps them to move around by giving them notification if they sit idle for a longer period of time. Pedometer, to the tracker to count steps, calorie burn, and walking distance will be displayed on the APP assigned with GPS watch.

Wearable GPS tracker for elderly can be used by nursing homes, and geriatric units in hospitals, the data gathered by these watches can be uploaded easily and sent to the assigned doctor of the particular elderly by the nursing staff or even just a concerned family member. It is also a great indicator for the person wearing it if something is wrong. ThinkRace Technology’s elderly watch is a one-stop solution to the nursing homes, old age homes and care centers.

Easy-to-Use GPS smart watch for elderly

PT68 GPS wrist watch for elderly is easy to use, simply download the app for your watch on your mobile device, add account and pre-set numbers in the smartwatch. No complicated steps to proceed further, which mean elderly wearers, will be able to understand its features easily. It comes with waterproofing to protect the watch from dust, sand and water splash. Track your heart rate, steps taken, distance travelled, calorie burnt and all-day activity.

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