GPS Tracking Watch to Ensure Your Child’s Safety

GPS Tracking Watch

Does your kid tend to roam a lot? Are you scared of your kid’s whereabouts when he is not in front of your eyes? Well, ThinkRace Technology brings you a complete solution to end your worry forever with its brand-new product – a GPS Tracking Watch for Kids.


What is a GPS Tracker? Where is it used?

A GPS Tracker, as the name suggests, is a tracker for locating items with the help of Global Positioning System, which can also be found embedded in almost every smartphone nowadays. If you ever had taken a ride in a UBER or OLA cab, you would know that their system totally works on the GPS tracking system. The tracking of the vehicle done by the client, and the driver receiving the real-time location of the client is all done with the help of GPS Tracking. Similar is the concept of this awesome GPS Tracking watch designed for Kids by ThinkRace Technology, but with a whole lot of amazing features.


About GPS Kids Watch PT529

The GPS Kids Watch PT529 is a perfect deal for someone having kids who tend to roam a lot. The device ensures the safety of the children wherever they go and let the parents track their real-time location using their smartphones or laptops. Sounds amazing, right? Well, here comes the most amazing part. The device is not only a Basic GPS Tracker but also has a two-way communication system, just like a mobile phone. So, in the case of emergencies, your kid has the option to contact you directly using the call feature of this device, or vice-versa. Let’s know more about the features.

Features of GPS Kids Tracking Watch

Apart from the Real-Time GPS tracking of your kids, the device also has the function to shift to LBS Tracking or WiFi when the GPS signals are not available in the area so that the tracking won’t be interrupted. That makes it three-mode positioning system. The two-way communication feature comes with an emergency SOS Button, which when pressed by the Kid will directly place a call to the Parents and let them voice chat to the Kid directly, also sending the Kid’s real-time location.

The watch comes with a full-colour touch screen that looks amazingly attractive while in use. The dialing feature of the watch opens a digit keyboard to dial a number and place the call. There is also an emergency call function in the watch to call a previously stored number in the emergency list with the help of a single click of the button.

Moving on to the next feature, the parents will get a notification when the child enters or exits a particular area, also known as the Geo-fence area. The Geo-fence area can be set up by the parents from their smartphones itself. Also, you might need not worry if your child takes it in a swimming pool or the rain. The device would work perfectly well as it’s completely IP67 Waterproof.

Another fantastic feature of this watch is the Track Playback. Apart from the live location, the Track Playback option allows the parents to see the history of where the kid traveled by setting up a particular date and time. They also get the ability to increase or decrease the playback time speed. About the appearance, the watch comes with a variety of colours and is designed beautifully to appeal the kids, having cartoon plates embedded, so they would love to wear it anytime.

More features of the device include a message feature to send or receive messages, a calendar, a pedometer sensor, family number save feature, an alarm clock, and a stopwatch.

Technical Specifications

Talking about the technical aspects of the device, it comes with a 350 mAh Battery that could last 2-3 Days. The Screen Size is 1.22 inches and is a touch screen. The weight of the device is 40 grams, which is quite lightweight keeping in mind that it’s designed for kids. Just like any other watch, the wristband has a buckle feature for the device to stay fit to the child’s wrist.

With these functions, this GPS Kids watch acts as a Complete Children Guardian and a Perfect Companion for you and your Kids.