GPS technology uses in the business filed to give value to the client safety and security

What is GPS?

GPS or Global Positioning System which is used to determine the location and time information in all climate conditions to the user with the help of GPS devices and software to visualize it. It was originally developed by the US Air Force to assist them with the military operations. Basically, GPS is used to track down the location of a place or object remotely with the help of technology it can pinpoint longitude, latitude, ground speed and direction of the target.

How does the GPS system work?

GPS System comes with three segments:

1. Space Segment

The number of satellites in the constellation is called the space segment. There are 29 satellites that orbit the earth every 24 hours at 12000 miles at altitude and make it possible for people with ground receivers to pinpoint their geographical location. The Space segment is used for the route/navigation signals and to store and retransmit the route/navigation sent by the control segment. For the accuracy, the space segment is formed by constellation with enough satellites to ensure that user will get at least 4 simultaneous satellites in view from any point at the Earth surface at any time. The accuracy of the location is anywhere from 100 to 10 meters for most equipment.

2. Control Segment

A master control station and five monitor stations outfitted with atomic clocks that are spread around the globe makes Control Segment. These monitoring stations monitor the GPS satellite signals and then send that information to the master control station where all problems are revised and sent back to the GPS satellites through ground antennas. Control segment also referred to as monitor station.

3. User Segment

This segment consists of the GPS receiver, which receives the signals from the GPS satellites and determines how far away it is from each satellite. This segment is mainly used for the U.S military, missile guidance systems, civilian applications for GPS in almost every field. This is used mostly from survey to transportation to natural resources and from there to agriculture purpose and mapping too.

Uses of GPS:

  • GPS is used to determine the position of locations; if you want to share your location with someone you just have to share the coordinate of your location and the device helps to find out the location using those coordinates.
  • It is used for navigation of one place to another.
  • It is used to determine the distance between two points.
  • GPS is used for tracking or monitoring the object or personal movement.
  • It is used for creating maps of the world.

Who uses GPS?

GPS systems are currently being used worldwide in mining, aviation, agriculture, marine, and military. Nowadays, people from many other fields are using GPS systems in ways that make their work more productive, safer, and easier like doctors, scientists, farmers, soldiers, pilots, hikers, delivery drivers, sailors, fishermen, dispatchers, athletes.

Types of GPS trackers

  • Personal Trackers
  • Asset Trackers
  • Cell-based GPS vehicle tracking
  • Satellite-based GPS vehicle tracking
  • Cellular-based tracking

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