GPS Fleet Tracking Devices for Delivery Services and Logistics

GPS Tracking Devices
Major delivery service providers use GPS Fleet Tracking Devices with their trucks and mini-vans when transporting courier or shipments over longer distances. But even these large providers need to employ scooters and bikes when it comes to delivering goods in narrow alleys and cooped up colonies. Food delivery services and e-commerce companies find scooters & bikes handier in such kind of situations.


GPS can come out as a big advantage for logistic companies which specialize in home deliveries. Demand for home delivery is increasing as people prefer home delivery services for their own convenience. Timely delivery and customer satisfaction become an important factor for companies which offer home delivery to their customers.

GPS Tracking for Fleet Vehicles can help delivery companies in the following ways:

  • Real-Time Delivery Notification

Real-Time Delivery Notifications to customers or receivers increase customer trust and satisfaction. The exact location of the delivery van or delivery boy can be shared with the customer on a real-time basis. Notification like ‘your shipment is out for delivery’ are an example for the same.

  • Vehicle and Driver Safety

Monitoring vehicle and driver through GPS is an essential aspect from the viewpoint of security for every Logistic Company. Risks associated with delivering goods in any specified area should be carefully gauged beforehand.

  • Recognizing Fake Customer Complaints and Fake Delivery Addresses

Through Vehicle GPS Tracking, delivery services can figure out whether any address provided by the customer exists in the real world or not. Customer complaints, allegations and reviews can be cross-checked from delivery records, to ascertain if the delivery has been done on that address or not.

  • Better Customer Services

A superior customer satisfaction guarantees business growth. Such kind of satisfaction can be achieved through simple steps like providing free delivery, sending the nearest delivery van to the customer, ensuring the safety of shipments with good packaging etc.

  • Managing Fuel Consumption

The major part of the expenditure for any logistics or utility company is the money spent on fuel and drivers. Managing fuel consumption is one of the most important cost-cutting procedures. Mileage of any vehicle is determined by the quality of fuel, idling time and driving style or pattern. With Vehicle Tracking devices, fleet managers can easily find out the mileage of their vehicle and record harsh driving patterns.


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