Finding Fallen Satellites with GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Tracking Devices
There are always unique methods to track and secure precious assets such as cars, bikes and now even satellites. Students from a renowned American State University recently launched hydrogen balloons as part of their University’s Junior Design Program.


These hydrogen balloons carry an array of instruments and other electronic paraphernalia. Onboard these satellites are cameras, radios, transmitters, temperature gauges, AQI monitoring instruments, barometers etc. All these instruments are actually a part of experiments the students have devised to photograph sections of the atmosphere; measure ozone layer’s depth and consistency; measure the AQI index and ppm levels at different heights and conduct other studies as part of their course curriculum.

These student-designed satellites are lifted by 60-foot-diameter latex balloons filled with hydrogen gas. These satellites undergo extreme environmental conditions when they reach a height of 120,000 feet, the temperature is around -40 degree Fahrenheit and pressure is at a minimum. The latex freezes and bursts causing the satellite to plunge earthward.

But these extreme conditions are necessary to conduct experiments, as the higher reaches of atmosphere mimic the conditions of outer space which is ideal from a researcher’s point of view. To retrieve and estimate satellite’s ground location, students calculate and analyze different parameters like battery life, speed, height and rise rates.

But these predictions aren’t enough from the context of tracking a fallen satellite. Sometimes students are forced to hike through jagged mountains looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

They need a solution that guarantees satellites will be easily found. The answer lies in GPS Tracking Technology. Once embedded, GPS Tracking devices provide a more rugged and reliable solution. They provide real-time location of any asset almost anywhere on earth. Even if any satellite lands 100 miles away, the GPS Tracker has got your back.