Family Safety

Family safety is everyone’s top concern and technology is transforming the safety measurements. We have leveraged the technology to deliver a peace of mind for everyone. We offer ODM/OEM/JDM service to our partners to define their own products by using IoT/Wireless/GPS technology combined with different sensors. Deliver a platform of connectivity for your users which offer features like location tracking, communication, and emergency alerts.

Protecting your children while they are online can be a difficult and scary task for any parent. While it is important to introduce children to computers and the Internet, it is also just as important to do this in a safe environment. To help you with this Family Safety, which is a parental control applications that monitors your children’s online activity, and if necessary, controls what they can do on the computer.

Our family safety devices are the right balance of technology and human brains. Our family devices provide real-time tracking at ease on smartphone provides, with multiple features and two-way communication.

Family Safety Products

  • Kid Safety Wearables
  • Elder Care GPS Watch
  • Pet GPS Tracker
  • Personal Tracker


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Family Safety Product Range

ThinkRace Technology is a GPS device manufacturer which helps its clients by serving customized solutions for family safety. We provide complete solution for personal, kids, elderly and pet safety thought our devices and tracking platform and app. We are proud to be technology partner by delivering trackers that help the human race to stay safe & connected with their loved ones with total security.

Elderly GPS Tracker Watch PT88

Perfect device for elderly care

GPS Watch for Elder PT68

GPS Watch to make elderly more safe and independent

GPS Watch PT61s

smart GPS Watch specially made for the kids

Hajj GPS Watch PT80

Best GPS Watch to Ensure Safety of pilgrims

GPS Watch PT82

Best GPS Watch to Make Your Kids Safety

3G GPS Watch Tracker PT306

Two way communication with SOS alarm

3G Smart GPS Watch A19

3G Smart GPS Watch

Elderly GPS Watch A20S

2G Health Watch

Waterproof Kids GPS Watch FA23

Smart Kids & Children Watch

GPS Watch PT63

2G Water Proof GPS Watch

IP67 GPS Watch Kids Watch S8

2G Water Proof GPs Watch for complete safety

2G Kids Smart GPS Watch V80

2G Water Proof GPs Watch

4G Kids GPS Watch PT91

Two way communication with Emergency SOS button

4G Kids GPS Watch G4

4G Kids GPS Watch G4

Kids & Children 4G Watch with water resistance

IP68 Kids GPS Watch T9

IP68 Kids GPS Watch T9

Enjoy freely play & have fun

4G Kids GPS Watch PT91

Two way communication with Emergency SOS button

3G Mini Portable GPS Tracker PT591

Small Portable GPs tracker for all

Mini GPS Tracker PT37

Mini GPS Tracker PT37

Track anything anytime with the mini gps tracker

Waterproof GPS Tracker A21P

2G Long Standby Tracker

2G Tracker Q60W

2G Mini GPS Tracker

3G GPS Tracker V42

3G Portable Tracker

2G Solar Tracker V26

2G Long Standby Tracker

2G Pet Tracker G08S

2G Pet Tracker

3G Pet GPS Tracker V40

3G Portable Pet Tracker

GPS Pet Tracker PT590

Pet Tracking Device for your pets.

2G Pet Tracker V32

2G Pet GPS Tracker

Kids Safety

Our customized range of Kids GPS trackers is the perfect solution to deliver serenity to the parents. We provide all kind of wearable device and locator for kids that give complete peace of mind to the parents. Our wearable device helps in real-time location with multiple features and help to stay connected in case of any emergency.

The kids GPS Watch that can be easily accessible remotely through use of Android and iOS app or platform to stay connected with the kids to get the locations and stay updated with the whereabouts from a reliable mode of communication. We persist in innovation we continue to create solutions for protect our children to give them safety and freedom.

Elderly Care

The technology experts at ThinkRace are aware of the method to use technology for each of the age-group, hence our wide range of elderly tracking devices is serving a peace of mind to the family members. Each device has a GPS Unit, cellular connection, accelerometer, heart rate sensor and other activity sensors, these all work together to keep you connected, measure activity levels, provide real-time location, and allow them to make the communication. The elderly people can easily use the device and can contact in case of emergency.

Pet Tracker

ThinkRace is the ideal pet tracker manufacturer, helping brands to serve reliable per trackers around the world. We have Pet Trackers which will assist you to locate your dog, your cat or any other pet – anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is tie the tracker around the pet and with our free Pet tracker app for smartphones you can check your pet’s current location – in real time. You will never lose your pet again.

Personal Tracker

ThinkRace personal tracker help you keep track of family members, employees or anyone you need to monitor at touch of a button. Personal trackers are GPS device which you can carry with yourself anywhere and they will keep your concerned person updated with your location and you can contact them instantly in an emergency case. GPS personal tracker are multipurpose, are portable & compact, and smart devices that have better battery backup.

ThinkRace have partners from all over the world. We provide OEM/ODM/JDM services to our clients/partners, we share the same vision with our partner to provide safety solution for the family. If you like to become one of them, please contact us.


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