Everything You Need To Know About Fitness Tracker Band – M2

Fitness Tracker Band - M2

It’s 2016, and almost everyone in this world is getting more and more conscious about their health. Staying in shape is a lot easier with a fitness tracker. But have you seen how many fitness trackers are out there and which one could be the best for you? Well, look no more. Thinkrace brings you the ultimate solution for your Fitness Tracking with the product – M2 Fitness Tracker.

At Thinkrace labs they take product designing and testing very seriously. They’ve spent hundreds of hours testing over 20 different kinds of trackers out on the trail, in the gym, and in our lab conducting a battery of tests. And then they made something to keep a track on your fitness with the most amazing features possible. Let’s know more about the best fitness tracker in the market – M2.

Competitively priced for a mid-range fitness tracker. The M2 Fitness Tracker Band let you see your steps monitor, calories burned, and tracks your heart rate at a glance. It also shows you call, text and calendar alerts. Which means you don’t have to miss any notification when your phone is not around. But because the screen sizes of these devices are so small we found the functionality only marginally useful. The M2 Fitness Band display is clear and bright. Instead of a touch display if it uses a simple single button on its front which is very easy-to-use.

The simplicity of the display and interface is where M2 Band top marks in the comparative testing with other products. One difference between this device and other fitness trackers in this range you should be aware of is water-resistant see. The M2 Fitness Band is water resistant so if you’re a swimmer or want to leave your fitness tracker on in the shower; this is the best deal for you since the device is IP67 Waterproof.

When it comes to tracking a workout M2 will impress you with the overall accuracy of its technology on both the tracker and their smartphone app. The M2 Band uses an optical heart rate monitor built right into the band. The device can also track your heart rate both during workouts as well as during the rest of the day, which provides a better sense of your total fitness. The device also gives you the sort of personalized fitness information that professional athletes use. There is also an accelerometer to measure how far you walk or run. If you bring your smartphone with you, the M2 can use its GPS to keep better track of where you go.

When it’s time to catch some sleep, the M2 will automatically record the amount of time you sleep and even track the quality of your sleep. When it’s time to wake up you can set the band to gently vibrate on your wrist. Fortunately, you can edit the sleep log in the M2 app. You can also set the band to vibrate if you need a reminder during the day. When it comes to battery life, the battery of M2 Fitness Tracker will last about 240 hours which is typical for a fitness tracker at this price.

Now, Let’s sum up all the features this device has.

The device comes with a High-Definition Touch Screen and a TPU Wristband. The Intelligent Unlock Feature will allow you to set a code to the device, so only you can have access to the device. The display of the M2 Fitness Tracker shows you the current Time, Steps Taken, Calories Burnt, Miles Traveled and Heart Rate Display. All of them can be swapped with just a single touch at the bottom of the screen. The sleep monitor is pretty accurate in the statistics. Call, SMS and Event Reminder is a plus. The bands come in optional colors so you can fit the detachable screen on your favorite colored band. Apart from all these features, the Shake to Selfie feature comes as a surprise. This, by far, is the coolest feature of the M2 Fitness Tracker Band. This feature allows you to capture a selfie from your cell phone by just shaking your wrist while wearing the band.

And all of this comes at a very affordable price of $16 USD. So, grab the product while you can and keep a track on your fitness the most amazing way possible with Thinkrace Technology’s M2 Fitness Tracker Band.