Scientists have created a smart protocol for the safety of smart cars which is equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System), bluetooth and internet connections to protect cars from being hacked.

Japan launched a rocket carrying the local version of American GPS satellite with the Japanese GPS system to improve the stability of receiving radio waves and intensify the precision of positioning information used in smart phones and car navigation system.

The global market for GPS trackers is evidencing a enormous growth due to development of new applications that use the GPS trackers system. The market is also expected to witness prolonged revenue growth in various applications such as preventing valuable assets from theft.

A GPS System might help to track your four-wheeled asset in the parking area if you have forgotten about it by any chance. But in most scenarios, it becomes way too expensive, thanks to the high device cost and subscription charges. A monthly bill at your doorstep will greet you at the end of each month for using the services of GPS.

We’ll attend the 2017 HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition), where we will showcase our latest line of GPS Tracking Products. Major products on display will be VT06, VT07, VT200, PT68, PT400, and PT590. We will provide free logo printing services and a special gift box to clients ordering more than 3000 pieces of any of our product. The event will be held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and a strong footfall of buyers, resellers and exhibitors are expected.

With the completion of test, GPS III SV02 further validates the sophisticated and robust technology through which it has been built. The satellite worked flawlessly under tremendous forces. The satellite is a part of United States Air Force’s next generation of GPS Satellites with almost 3 times better accuracy and precision. In addition, the satellite’s anti-jamming abilities have been upgraded with an improvement of over 8 times over its predecessors.

The Amber360 mobile tracking application as well as the web tracking platform is an in-house built tracking software by ThinkRace Technology. Its functions include real-time tracking, location information, alarm system, route and location history, Geo-Fence etc. This application provides a one-stop tracking solution to the user.

Scientists have devised a new security protocol to protect cars especially smart cars from potential hackers which are equipped with global positioning system (GPS), Bluetooth and Internet Connectivity.

Soon ultrasound machines at your local hospital will be installed with GPS-enabled active tracking devices. This move has been initiated to curb the practice of prenatal sex discernment which is illegal in India. Prenatal sex discernment is the prenatal testing for discerning the sex of a fetus before birth. This practice was banned in India under the Pre-conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act of 1994 to prevent sex-selective abortions.

Geo-Fencing is the process of defining a set geographical boundary or a virtual perimeter in a real-world geographical area. This virtual perimeter is actually a pre-defined set of boundaries. The area inside the boundary is termed as a Geo-Fence Zone. This Geo-Fence Zone can be setup in School Assembly Areas and neighborhood boundaries.

As a portable smart GPS Tracker, the VT32 is equipped with all the essential safety features one can think about but at the same time doesn’t lag behind in the ergonomics department. The device is easy to use and is efficient when it comes to tracking an asset on wheels.

VT07 is initially a Mini GPS Car Tracker and offers features like Anti-Theft Alarm, Geo-fence, Multi-Alarm, Anti-Theft Alarm, Turning Point and Trajectory Compensation.

Vehicles have been an important face of modernisation and industrialization since the launch of the first Motor Car, the Ford ‘Model T’. As the years of war went by, production of vehicles exponentially increased and technology made them even more sophisticated. They quickly became the dearest for masses and an essential commodity for millions of commuters around the world.

ThinkRace Technology recently launched the AT13, the first member in the family of ThinkRace Pallet Trackers.

ThinkRace Housewarming Party And 2016 Annual Party

ThinkRace has been committed to the safety and healthy of human being all the time, a new personal GPS tracker will be developed by ThinkRace, and it will be a perfect device for protecting people's safety.

ThinkRace organized an autumn outing to Heyuan.