Cheap Vehicle GPS Tracker for Off-Road GPS Navigation

Cheap Vehicle GPS Tracker
The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a navigation system designed and developed by United States Air Force. It is a network of 24 space-bound satellites controlled and monitored by United States Department of Defence. These satellites transmit signals to the surface all year round. GPS devices such as cheap vehicle GPS trackers receive these signals and compute the same information to calculate the exact location of the user.


These days GPS systems and devices are used for various purposes such as for personal navigation, vehicle tracking through GPS trackers, smartphones, computers, mobile applications etc. But many applications of GPS Technology are still unprecedented, and one of them is the Off-Road Navigation.

Adventure seekers and off-road enthusiasts go to places that might not have any roads, signs or even names. Commonly known as ‘Off Roading’, the activity involves driving, riding or cycling through unexplored, unmanned and most importantly unsurfaced roads. It doesn’t matter if the rugged terrain is through uninhabited areas, jagged mountains, muddy snow or craggy landscapes. For such kind of adventures, a robust, reliable GPS Navigation system is essential for ensuring personal and vehicle safety on the go.

The vehicle GPS tracking device VT06 is the latest in the line of ThinkRace family of cheap vehicle tracking devices. The device is packed with cutting-edge features such as static drift suppression, real-time GPS Tracking, electronic fence, a multi-alarm system including over speed and displacement alarm.

A one-stop solution for tracking your car, bike or fleet of taxis, buses in off-road conditions. Real-time track your vehicle via the ThinkRace Web Platform Services or mobile app available for both IOS and Android Operating System.

We are a GPS device manufacturer focused on providing professional GPS tracking & wireless safety equipment to industries and businesses. We are based in Shenzhen, with branch offices in HK, India & Canada. We are providing comprehensive OEM/ODM services for GPS tracker and our in-house R&D team offers both hardware and software services. Our company has set up research departments including app, web, back-end and hardware department. All our products are developed independently and we have obtained a number of national patents. Our production and manufacturing teams provide a good foundation for high-quality products.