Vehicle GPS Tracking System for a reputed Shuttle Service Provider

Vehicle GPS Tracking System


Rapid Shuttle Co. is a reputed shuttle service operating in the state of New York, USA. With a fleet size of 114, Rapid Shuttle caters to the needs of industries and businesses. The primary contracts the company bids for is to transport people or workforce. The company primarily operates as a transport service ferrying workforce over short routes or between nearby stations. Since its inception in 1995, the company has increased its fleet size from just a couple of buses to a staggering amount of 114 road going vehicles. “It has been quite a journey”, says David Rockefeller, CEO of Rapid Shuttle Co.

With contracts from major hospitals, corporates already under its belt, Rapid Shuttle now wants to expand its business in other states as a Shuttle Service provider and Fleet Operator. It wants to setup offices in other major states such as Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, and Maryland. The principal focus is on Texas as the state is a major hub of Oil and Gas exploration, both are found in abundance here. Resources from oil and gas fields need to be transported to refineries and to other states. “There is a bigger picture here”, says Hannah McKinsey, Senior VP of Rapid Shuttle Co.


Rapid Shuttle Co. faces the following challenges before expanding its business network:

  • Administration of many of the states call for bidders who have already installed GPS Fleet Tracking Devices in their units and operate via a Fleet Management System.
  • If Rapid Shuttle Co. provides fleet services in other states, then it will need to track its units from New York which is a pretty complex task given all the intricacies of such a project.
  • In some states, it is rather mandatory for a Fleet Service provider to install Vehicle Tracking Devices in their commercial fleet units.
  • Tracking becomes essential when transporting high-valued commodities such as oil and liquefied gas. It minimizes the chances of pilferage.


A fleet management system working hand in hand with individual vehicle trackers is the only viable solution which is both practical and easy to use. Rapid Shuttle Co. needs to install vehicle trackers in its fleet unit to track and secure vehicles as well as shipments.

Cheap Vehicle GPS Trackers from ThinkRace Technology provide an optimum solution to Fleet and Shuttle Service providers. The VT06 Vehicle Tracker provides real-time tracking, automatic ACC Testing, static drift suppression and many other features to track and secure precious assets.


  • High-quality Vehicle Trackers are equipped with the following set of features:
  • 3D Accelerometer
  • Anti-Theft Alarm
  • Geo-Fence
  • Over speed Alarm
  • Displacement Alarm
  • FOTA-compatible
  • Trajectory Analysis
  • Compatible with major Fleet Management Systems


Reap the following benefits after installing a vehicle tracker to track and secure fleet units

  • Increase Fuel Efficiency and Economy by up to 18
  • Increase in economic driving by up to 15
  • Decrease harsh braking incidents by up to 77
  • Decrease Engine Idle Time by up to 64
  • Reduction in In-Transit Pilferage

In addition, chances of vehicles getting stolen are reduced by a great degree. Even if a vehicle loaded with goods gets stolen, the manager can still track the vehicle and inform the local authorities or police about its current location. This reduces chances of losses and write-offs because of external ungovernable factors.