How tracking and IoT Technology are shifting the way we travel?


Anyone who has ever had their bag go deserting while traveling knows that sinking feeling that comes with being told that your luggage is misplaced. Desolately, lost luggage is one of the threats of modern travel, and one that looks like to happen on an all-too-often basis. Happily, just as technology is swaying the way we reach our destination, it’s also taking an influence on our luggage, its transfer, tracking and safe arrival and much more.

As the amount of travelers across the globe has amplified incrementally over the years, so too have the number of suitcases and bags that need to move from point A to point B. While self-check in via website, app or kiosk has become something of a principal, checking in baggage and keeping track of it isn’t always as meek, but this aspect set to change.

THINKRACE Technology is altering the way our bags move when we do, and restructuring everything from the check-in procedure to the assortment. Both airlines and luggage companies have been tangled in working towards flatter baggage control, and there are numerous developments and products that are working to craft the future of travel so much better and tranquil for you!

Simple and Effective

Our team of expert and experienced mavens take great pride in manufacturing top-notch Luggage Tracker AT15 which are hoping to abridge the procedure and are currently rolling out a range of suitcases that come standard. Having embedded features like

  • 3D G-Sensor
  • Timing Upload
  • Quick Positioning
  • Remote Configuration
  • Resistant high/low temperature
  • Track Playback

This tracking device is appropriate for traveling to collect data from supported apps. With the backing of ODM/OEM/JDM technology, you can even have your desired tracker at your fingertips, our team is happy to help you at every possible step.

Travelers can see where their bags are at all times, ensure they have made it on to the plane and have been unloaded at the other side. The app makes it possible to track baggage at all times and to ensure it reaches its destination safely. Our Luggage tracker provided travelers with the ability to keep tabs on their bags at all times, and this has not only reduced some of the stress of traveling, but also drastically condensed the number of lost bags, or bags that haven’t made it to their fact final destination, as customers can easily pick up when their baggage has gone off course.

Our Competencies

One of our client, prominent for their travelling bags, placed an order with us of over 1 lakh luggage tracking devices! Our team after manufacturing it verified the products under strict supervision and delivered the same to our client within the allotted time.


The final outcome which needs to write is that these tech innovations are set to make the travel experience much easier, faster and convenient for the individual. Transferring baggage from one point to another will be as easy as boarding a plane!

There are diverse technology methodologies being explored to provide the ‘shake-up’, from digital luggage devices using GPS trackers linked via an app, to exceptional services providing a door-to-door tracked service.