ThinkRace Technology is making world future-ready with their safety, security fitness monitoring solutions


ThinkRace Technology with their existence since 2006 in GPS and IoT services plans to expand in China by opening its second business center in Nanjing. The massive production demands a bigger and wider space.

Extending the location shall deliver extra space and vast technology solutions to small- to mid-sized businesses. It will also help us to expand our production, customer service and will unburden unnecessary capital investment. The location offers easy access to public transportation, the subway system, and Metro.

The rise in demand for our safety and fitness product had shown huge support with the opening of a new office that houses a dedicated team. Increase in demand from new as well as existing customers has doubled the size of employees that require wider space to work.

About the Company:

ThinkRace Technology founded in the year 2006, focused on providing OEM/ODM/JDM services to different IoT devices like GPS vehicle tracker, pet tracker, wearable fitness device and elderly emergency equipment.

Our Company’s headquarter is in Shenzhen with branches in India and Canada. With more than 100 engineers in our in-house R&D center and 420 workers in the factory, we continue to deliver more than 1 million devices every month. Most of our clients are the top-notch companies like Orange, TATA, Allianz, Huawei, Lenovo and so on. Our prime area is fitness and security. Our product ranges from vehicle & asset security to elderly security, pet tracking to fitness monitoring. We use wireless technology in our products like built-in Bluetooth, 2G/3G/4G network, GPS, and different sort of sensors.

Our ODM/OEM/JDM service work systematically to provide an all-in-one solution to our B2B customer. We understand their requirement; draw the product layout or diagram for their easy understanding, firmware coding, software & app development, product trial and verification, mass production, then it undergoes a quality check before going for on-site inspection.

We provide software & app development services for our products. Multi-lingual supports more than 20 different languages. The software is highly flexible working your Windows or Linux server. Customize Android and iOS app design with the client’s brand name. We are providing the complete source code to the JDM clients. Tracking and monitoring in a user-friendly interface.

Our device uses MQTT/TLS security policies. For safe data transmission and secure communication from device to app platform, MQTT/TLS security plays a very important role. By providing the clients with a certified security protocol we are promising to maintain a long-term relationship.

Every product undergoes through four testing criteria. Firstly Environmental test that makes sure the device survive in severe weather condition. The device has to pass through Temperature, Salt spray test, Waterproof test, Illumination test, and RF Test to enter in second testing criteria. Second criteria are Mechanical test that includes Drop test, Charge test, and Traction Test. Third criteria are Performance test that includes Long time test, Power consumption, Function test, and Compatibility test. Lastly is the Safety test that includes Battery test, ESD test, and ROHS & REACH.

The company has established its global presence in more than 20 countries by delivering quality products and satisfying customer experience. Success comes when people see and feels your presence. By participating in different technology events and Global Trade Show we help our clients know more about our products and our motto towards technology.