PT590 GPS Pet Tracker – A smart wearable for your pets

GPS Pet Tracker


These days’ GPS Pet Trackers are making the headlines everywhere. With the advancements in Smartwatch Technology, GPS Services; increasing popularity of independent wearable companies such as Fitbit and GOQII; smart wearables such as fitness bands and watches from tech giants like Google, Samsung and Apple; one wonders about what to look forward to in the future. What’s more to come in the future when every entrepreneur and investor is looking for the next great idea in the smart wearable department. With the advancements in IOT Technology and Cloud Computing, what more can be expected from the thriving USD 840 million pet wearable market? Well, it looks as if our pets might have an answer.

Pet tracking GPS devices are the new craze among cautious pet owners. GPS Trackers are available for pretty much about everything, so we can also make GPS Trackers customized specially for pets right. It’s a fact that we all love our pets and will ensure their safety to the greatest extent, even if that means trying new products and services.


The following statistics give the full measure of Pet Theft across the world

  • 10 million dogs are lost every year
  • 4 million of these have been reported in US alone
  • Around 20 of households have reported a pet being stolen
  • In UK, dog theft cases increased by 20 in the year 2016


Pet Tracker is actually a friend for your four-legged companions and tracks them on a real-time basis. Most importantly the pet tracker allows you to connect to your pets even when you’re away from them. The PT590 GPS Pet Tracker from ThinkRace Technology is a perfect example in this regard.

The tracker is equipped with a comfortable strap to make sure that your pets don’t make a fuss about it. It is a collar style pet tracker with a Velcro strap, provided for easy fastening and resembles a regular collar to the naked eye.

Coming onto the important safety features of the device.


  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • 2-mode positioning system
  • Voice Monitoring Function
  • Geo-Fence
  • IP67 Waterproof


  • Get the following benefits of using a pet tracker
  • Easily track your pets from anywhere, anytime
  • Track via mobile and web platform
  • It doesn’t matter if your pets go on some kind of adventure, the device is waterproof

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