No more worry about losing your pets, Pet GPS Tracker are the right solution for your four leg animals

As per survey reports over 15 percent of owners have reported losing their pets (cats & dogs) in the last five years. Most of the pets are recovered thankfully but only after many hours or even days of search. Even thinking that you have a well-behaved pet or if it’s in a secure area sometimes the adventurous nature of animals takes control. Generally why our four-legged pal could run away is related to its instincts of reproduction, because of boredom or its desire to explore because dogs are not kind of leading a boring and sedentary life.

As an animal instinct the animals like to explore the nature. They are social animals that love staying with the pack. So, to put a remedy to all these reasons of losing your pet one must train them for the life they are going to live. They must be accustomed to places, noises, person and smells. Earlier people take precaution by confining them in the house or in an escape-proof box. Later microchips are being used for keeping track of the pets and it also worked before because if the pets are fitted with a microchip it is true that they are traced and if it is found and taken to animal recovery facility you may be charged a recovery fee after your pet has been scanned. But yet you fear losing them there are many pet GPS trackers available in the market for the pets.

Pet GPS trackers allow you track the location of your pets in real-time. In case of losing your pets, GPS tracker helps in finding accurate location of you pets. GPS pet trackers can be fitted to a number of animals, like cats, dog, horse, camel, sheep and other pet animals. But before picking up a tracking device for your pets you must choose the right device for the safety of the pets and compare its functionality and as we all know that all GPS devices are using batteries to transmit a signal, battery charge times is an important feature to keep in mind. Speaking of the right device GPS pet tracker PT590 from ThinkRace Technology is well suited for the pet’s safety and is the world’s smallest pet GPS tracker. PT590 is very light weighted and can be connected to an existing collar and come with its own collar.

ThinkRace solution provides solution for your pet’s safety and security as they are the important part of family. The pet tracking system has special features like smart location tracking real-time, geofence, voice monitoring, waterproof, sleep monitoring, feeding reminder, playback history, good battery backup, easy app and platform tracking and other useful features to help the pet industry to provide value added services to its clients.

pet tracker feautres

ThinkRace Technology as a professional GPS tracker factory helps pet industry a big time solution for its clients. We provide OEM/ODM solution and customize app and platform development to our valuable clients around the globe.