Innovative Smart Wearable’s Technology for Health & Fitness of Athletes at Special Olympics Abu Dhabi 2019 from ThinkRace Technology


The use of these smart watches is a wonderful demonstration of the ways in which innovative, state-of-the-art technology is being used throughout the World Games to safeguard the health and safety of each of the athletes.

Special Olympics 2019 Abu Dhabi was a 7 days mega event where 7000 athletes from 190 countries participated in 24 sports events. The event also had 3000 coaches, 20000 volunteers, and 500000 spectators who contributed to make the largest sports and humanitarian event in the world successful in every respect.

It was an amazing experience for athletes and spectators and event to remain memorable.

Special attention was given to fitness and health during the Special Olympics games. Special health checks & health screening was conducted for athletes. Many local health organizations were present through the Games to provide health screenings to the athletes. Special education was provided to health workers to help athletes as a great athlete is a health athlete.

It was a very good platform for young people to come together and contributing towards to build a more inclusive society as quoted by Tala Al Ramahi, Chief Strategy Officer of Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019.

Health was a top priority at World Games Abu Dhabi as said by Dr. Timothy Shriver, Chairman, and Special Olympics.

Special Olympics athletes were provided Smart Watches from ThinkRace to monitor health and fitness at world games.

For the safety and security of the athletes ThinkRace Technology provided smart wearable that helped the athletes to keep track of their health and fitness regimes. The smart wearable’s helped in monitoring their performance; keep track of their achievements and stay fit and healthy. Artificial intelligence and IoT solution provided an important role in the mega sports event.

ThinkRace provided 8000+ devices to the athletes that were used in the sport event made a positive impact on the health and fitness of the athletes.

The smart watches / smart wearable’s were with smart card that helped in real-time location tracking and whereabouts of the athletes for their safety and security. The health monitoring functions of the watch the track the steps taken, heart rate monitoring and provide a host of essential health, safety and sport-related data.

The smart wearable were light weight and smart stylish provided new dimension to the sports world and helped athletes to prepare for the event in an advanced and competitive method. It also helped the coaches and support staff to monitor the health & safety of the athletes in case of emergency.

The devices provided by ThinkRace Technology were labeled with the athletes name and nationality for proper identification. The device were fully charged and loaded with all features and functionality and app and platform to support.

The smart watches were gifted to the athletes as a thank you gift from Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019.

The athletes and the coaches like the smart wearable and were happy with ThinkRace products and services. The smart watches and smart wearable’s technology is a good way to educate athletes to stay health and fit. The introduction of the technology helped in enhancing the performance and management of health and safety of the athletes.

As a professional GPS Tracker factory, ThinkRace will provide its continuous solution for sports, elderly care and IoT solution. We have the infrastructure and technology and team to provide solution globally.