How luggage tracking systems makes travel less stressful and trip enjoyable!

Anyone who loves travelling or always have their backpacked to travel had come across with that sinking fear which comes with being told that your luggage is lost. It’s a tingling fear in your stomach you get while waiting for your suitcase at the luggage carousel and thinking that Is my bag coming or has it been lost? What if it’s still in one piece or has it fallen apart? Or maybe you needed some luggage protection?

The low-cost airlines travelling cause a boom in frequent flying. By the end of this year, people will have taken almost 4 billion flights worldwide (compared to 3.7 billion in 2018) and checked in more than 4.5 billion bags.

As a result, travelers should be ready to deal with the consequences, such as increased workload for luggage handling systems and, unfortunately, bigger chances of their baggage getting lost or damaged.

Lost Luggage probably one of the most worrying things that happens while travelling. In case of air travelling it’s the common problem. Also in case of rail, metro and buses and hotels luggage goes missing or hotels keep them. But we don’t know the data exactly because they didn’t report. Knowing that your suitcase goes missing or being misplaced is the worst start for your holiday. Statistics shows that from 2016 airlines worldwide still lose thousands of luggage bags every year, which cost them over $2.1 billion dollars.

There are few ways to prevent the luggage lost during travelling and one of the most famous is luggage tracker.

Now the question arises in your mind what is a luggage tracker?

Luggage tracker are the devices which have been specifically designed to track or help you pinpoint the location of your baggage so that you can avoid mishaps where your luggage gets misplaced or worst-case scenario are stolen.

The Benefits of Luggage Tracking Systems

We all know that airports have their own label-based systems for tracking luggage, this system isn’t foolproof and it only works while you’re in the airport. Airlines uses a unique routing number and barcode on each piece of luggage that’s checked onto the plane. But If this label gets damaged, airport can no longer track your bag via computer, and instead, you’ll be left to dig through the unclaimed luggage.

Thanks to luggage tracking system or asset tracking system instead of using paper outing number it uses a SIM to connect to the cellular network, which is a much safer choice for travelers. These trackers are connected to a mobile app, you can track your bags anywhere in the world, whether you’re in an airport or lounging on a Caribbean beach.

Luggage Tracking Systems Should Be Easy to Use

To use a luggage tracker, all you need to do Is to charge them and place in them in the suitcases. Now a days these devices are becoming so portable that they can fit in small bags also.

Global Coverage is Essential for Luggage Tracking Systems

For reliable tracking luggage tracking devices comes with a smart SIM which help in tracking the luggage all over the world. These are Global SIM cards so the user doesn’t have to do anything while traveling across the globe.

ThinkRace Technology provides a great solution for travel and luggage industry by their AT15 Luggage Tracker. The product is very special as it has an ultra-long standby battery and equipped with global SIM. The tracker can be easily used in any luggage, suitcase, bag, pack bag. ThikRace are working with many clients across the globe providing OEM.ODM solution. Our vision is to make travelling stressful and provide portable and affordable luggage locator devices to the clients.