How GPS smart watches make Foster parenting more successful?


Abstract: The purpose of the study was to portray the challenges faced by foster parents as perceived by foster parents themselves because they are on the front lines of service delivery. The AFGARS (Adoption & Foster Care Analysis Reporting System) reported that there were 402, 378 children from birth through age 20 living in foster care. Of that number, 54% were 8 years old or younger. Only 4% of the total number of children was in pre-adoptive homes while the rest were in foster placements varying from homes of relatives, to homes of non-relatives, to group homes or other institutions.

Challenges faced by Foster Care System: Being a foster parent to a child comes with an inimitable set of challenges. Foster parenting is defined as a planned period of substitute family care for a child when the biological family cannot care for him or her due to death, illness, imprisonment, abandonment, neglect or war. Taking care of children and providing safety and security to them is the utmost concern of every foster parent.

Getting the accurate whereabouts and assisting them in the hour of an emergency is what they desire for. A simple device that will serve numerous challenges faced by foster parent is all they need!

Solution: A new piece of wearable tech promises to give foster parents peace of mind by keeping an eye on their children. A smart watch tracking device that deals with 3G-enabled video calling, texting, smart location monitoring and SOS alarms.

  • The apps helps your track your child’s location, but with GPS tracker watch for kids keep tabs on where children go and double up as a phone and panic alarm.
  • Set Safe Zones and be alerted when a child leaves these designated areas and locations can be tracked via customized app& application.
  • Built-in GPS sensor that tracks the child’s location precisely.
  • To make tracking more accurate, the watch also uses what’s called cell-tower triangulation to pinpoint precise locations using network data.
  • Additionally comes with built-in Wi-Fi that connects to surrounding networks to add an extra level of location accuracy.
  • With two-way communication, bridge the gap between you and your child.
  • No need to worry if the child loves to get wet in rain, as this tracking solution is water-resistant and can withstand rain, sweat or splash.

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