How can OBD car tracking system serve rental cars and services in best way?


Running your own car rental business is both lucrative & precarious. When you have to hand over the key to someone whom you have no clue makes you scarier. Though there is lots of paperwork done before renting the car to someone still the concern remains there. Whole lot of questions keep running in our mind – Is the person behind the wheel a responsible driver? Does he sudden brake too often? Will he over speed? The top priority of any rental cars and services is to supervise the usage and handling of the car.

Real Customer Story:

One of our rental car and service customers, from Salisbury, Wiltshire was using a GPS tracking device to track their rented cars. But they found limited technology, particularly they wanted some features through which they can generate the report and have an insight into its service area coverage.

Prior to it, they even wanted their tracking device to send the report if the driver over speed or bump into another vehicle. There old tracking device lack these features. When they turned to us, this is how we helped?

How ThinkRace solved the problem?

When the company turned to us, we first understood their need and present our own OBD GPS car tracker device VT200. Our device is just the need of today’s world; it got a real-time tracking feature, vehicle diagnosis report, over-speed alert, and geo-fencing. It took hardly 30 minutes to show them the archetype of our product and how it works.

According to their need we made some changes in it and delivered the product in the given time.

How ThinkRace works?

ThinkRace Technology is the leading GPS Tracker, IoT Solution & Fitness Monitoring Equipment’s Company. From 11 years we have been serving our OEM/ODM/JDM services to 500+ clients. Our aim is to help businesses that are looking forward in GPS tracking products. We are the ODM car tracker wholesaler who helps car rental, car service, and fleet management companies to get a ready-made tracking solution for their businesses.

Benefits of OBD GPS Tracking Solution for Car Rental Companies and services

Real-Time location: Our OBD car tracking technology provides you real-time location service. GPS accurate positioning let you easily track your vehicle. You can even get the route history for the specific date.

Driving behavior detection: Now tracking your driver’s behavior is at your fingertip. Get the alert for sudden break, hard acceleration, rapid deceleration, sharp turn, fatigue driving etc.

Accurate fuel consumption analysis: Get the total mileage covered like average mileage, high-speed, medium-speed, low-speed mileage, idle mileage fuel consumption with the accuracy up to 99%.

Geo-fence: This feature helps you to create predefined fences to protect your vehicle from theft.

Wrapped up:

This simple plug and play device allow owners, managers to better understand the real-time vehicle data, mileage fuel consumption, driving behavior via app. Want to build your own OBD car tracking device contact us. We will help you getting the ready-made solution for your rental cars and services.