How app & application bridging the gap between GPS wearable and tracking?


About the Client

The client is the prominent makers of GPS tracking wearable! The patron is the leader in manufacturing groundbreaking simple and innovative GPS tracking solutions. Driven by a leadership team comprising experienced and skillful mavens and have global patents for wearable devices. The devices are invented for industry verticals like education institutes, big brands or traders, foster homes, old-age homes, nursing homes and much more.

Client’s Requirement

The client wanted to make a mobile app and application that connects people to their near and loved ones. Further to get help immediately in case of medical emergency, personal security threats, accidents etc., by impeccably synchronizing the wearable device and app &application.

The Challenge faced by Client

Finding the exact connectivity technology to connect client’s tracking device with the iOS & Android mobile apps was the first challenge encountered.

Achieving accuracy in fetching the location of a user whose device has triggered an alert was a roadblock.

Further, not just tracking but also monitoring the health of the wearer was required by the client.

Solution provided by ThinkRace Technology

We built a custom Amber 360 app which is complete security tracking software. The gps tracking app & application is to overcome the connectivity challenge encountered in synchronizing the app and device. The custom-built profile also served the reason of clearly distinguishing the wearable device’s signal for the mobile app to pick it up and pair without confusions.

To perk up the accuracy of the location information sent, we decided to take average value of multiple location fetches. So, the developers came up with codes that induce a few seconds waiting period to take the average of multiple location fetches and send the best possible locations detail to the guardian.

Here are some of the key features of the app & application:

  • Support 40+ device protocols.
  • Accommodate most of the main current trackers from difference suppliers
  • Global coverage
  • Separate Admin/Agent/End User Login
  • Real-time tracking with historical play back for up to 120 days
  • Remote control features such as fuel cutoff/restore, remotely take photo
  • Email Notification on alarming
  • Billing system
  • Open API for integrate into with third party system
  • Customizable iOS and Android app for tracking
  • Customized reporting modules
  • Multilingual with 13 languages

License options for app & application

1. Agent License

An agent license is designed for a smaller GPS reseller. An agent can undertake all functions except adding and removing devices from the platform.

2. Admin License

An admin license provides a totally dedicated server for the customer who wants to run their own GPS tracking business. An Admin license provides a fully customized home screen with the customer’s details and logo.

3. Fully License

A fully license is designed for professional GPS tracking company with their own technical team and have their own servers. The fully license provides a fully customized home screen with the customer’s details and logo.

Connectivity Status Alert:

Multiple Alerts: The device and app sync was done in such a way that the app receives notifications under every circumstance the connectivity status.

Security: After pairing, a code will be generated by the wearable device which can be recognized only by the app to make sure that the sync has happened correctly.

Walkthroughs: The app facilitates an inclusive walkthrough on how to get started including device activation, app to device pairing and alert message configurations to help users set preferences without confusion.

Maps: Using GPS and maps the location information of app user is generated.

About ThinkRace Technology

Having 11+ years of experience, we are leading GPS tracker, IoT Solution & Fitness Monitoring Equipment Company. We offer comprehensive GPS tracking ODM/OEM/JDM services with customization of app & application.

We are focused on providing one-stop solution on GPS tracking devices. Avail technical after-sale support from China GPS tracker manufacturer who is capable to assemble 8000+ devices per day.


The app was booming which helped in garnering more users for the device in a short time span. The GPS tracking technology encouraged people from diverse age groups, especially senior citizens to use the tracking device.

Thus the client was able to achieve their motive of rendering simple, tech-enabled help for personal health and security protection.